Mario Kart 8!!

mario-kart-8-headerHey there! So 3 days ago the latest installment in everybody’s favorite racing game was released for the Wii U and let me tell you, it’s a blast! I’ve only played it once so far but boy was it fun. The unlockable characters leave a bit to be desired, but you pretty much start with all of the classic fan favorites and earn more by completing different cups.

In addition to what we know and love about Mario Kart, there are also a few new power-ups, and a different dynamic where you sometimes race on walls and upside down. The levels are visually stunning for a Mario Kart game. Even old levels that they have revived from previous games have a sharp, beautiful new look to them. Of course a number of new tracks have been added, some of which include a terrifying new version of Bowser’s Castle and a newly insane Rainbow Road, both of which are truly entertaining tracks.

Mario_kart_8_7I love me some Waluigi, so I’m glad to see he was one of the playable characters right off the bat, but like I said, there is something to be desired from the unlockables. There are some good ones like Rosalina, but it seems that all 8 of Bowser’s children are playable characters…..I understand maybe 1 or 2 for people who may fit into that minority of people who like playing as them, but all 8? By the end of the first night, my friends and I had unlocked quite a few characters, and from what we could tell, there were only 4 or 5 characters to unlock that weren’t Bowser’s kids. On a different note, who is mothering all of these children? Another disappointing character was Toadette. I don’t even really know anybody who likes to race as Toad, let alone his girlfriend(wife…sister? I have no idea).

2404984-wiiu_mariokart8_121813_scrn_01Some new power-ups include a piranha plant that chomps up coins and bites those near you, a boomerang that hits someone relatively close in front of you and then as boomerangs are meant to do, comes back to you. Other are a super horn that sends out a shock that stuns those surrounding you. There is also an infinity power, that seems to give you a variety of powers to use before it’s use runs out; it seems to always end with star power, which is noticeably shorter.  Other than a few minor changes to the powers we know, they all seem to be the same with the exception that the fake power block that would stun people has been removed. The dreaded blue shell has stayed, despite every person who has ever played loudly cursing it every time it is used on them.

In total though, I love it a lot. I haven’t been able to make it back over to my friends’ apartment in a few nights since it’s release and I’m itching to race some more!

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