Appdicted: Bandsintown

Hey you music loving Fangirls! A month or so ago, I downloaded this app because it was the only way to get tickets for a concert she wanted to go to, and now I use it to check out local concerts!


So here’s how it works: it goes through the music I own, both on the cloud and on my phone. It makes a list of all of the artists in there. Then I can click an artist to see if they’re planning to come near me any time soon.


There are different tabs across the bottom, and I think my favorite is the “Tonight” tab. I can click it, and be directed to nearby concerts that night and in the near future. So if I’m bored & want to see a concert sometime soon, I can use this app to see who is going to be nearby.


There’s also a “Search” tab where you can look up artists, a “RSVP” tab where you can see the concerts you’re planning on going to, and of course a “Settings” tab.

I think this app is great. If you like live shows a lot, but don’t feel like planning in advance, or you’re bored now and then, check it out! It’s helpful, and recommends music for you. Heck, when you’re on the “Tonight” tab, you can set how far you’re willing to travel! It’s great. I like it a lot and recommend it to everyone.

Until next time, Fangirls, jam on!

All images and band names depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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