Nerds Gotta Eat: Poof’s Teething Biscuits

image_6 (8)

Fangirls! I decided to do a different sort of recipe this week for some of our smaller Fangirls. These teething biscuits are super easy, and definitely baby approved. They’re a magical, very useful treat for tiny ones that even fairies couldn’t dream up.

This is my grandmother’s recipe. It was used for my mother & her sisters when they were babies, and was used for me and my cousins. Babies give the thumbs up. Whoever is making them should be giving a thumbs up too, because they’re wicked easy. It only takes three ingredients.

image (17)

You’ll need:

2 eggs
1 cup sugar
2 1/2 cups flour

In a medium sized bowl, eat the eggs until frothy. Use those muscles! Or an electric beater…

image_1 (8)


Then, gradually stir in the cup of sugar.

image_2 (8)


Once that’s nice & combined, gradually add in your flour until you’ve got a big ball of stiff dough.

image_3 (8)


On a floured surface, roll out your dough to around 12′ – 16′ long, and 3′ wide. You’ll want the dough to be about 1/2′ – 3/4 thick.

image_4 (8)


Then, cut it into bars. My dough was 12′ long, so I made 12 bars. Think about an inch per bar. Once they’re cut, prick them with the tines of a fork.

image_5 (8)


Place the bars on a lightly greased cookie sheet and let them sit at room temperature overnight. The next day, place them in the oven at 325 for about 20 – 30 minutes, until they start to get brown and are hard.

image_8 (2)

That’s it! Once ready & cool, hand them off to any cranky teething baby for a nice big chunk to chew. I think that the dough could be made into nice shapes & stuff, but the bars work well for little hands to grab easily.

Poof poof, Fangirls! Eat up!




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