Music: Dan Potthast / Living Room Show


Fangirls, last weekend, something magical went down at my house. Through the power of the more recent Living Room Show phenomenon, a musician I greatly admire rocked the fuck out in my garage. Everything felt so surreal, I’m still trying to figure out if it was a dream or what. Whatever it was, it was awesome.

When my two older brothers were teenagers, they went through a huge phase of listening to ska music. They still listen to it a pretty great deal, but I mean it was like a ska explosion for a few years. I also got into the music, but I wasn’t able to get into it at the extent at which my brothers did. At our high school, there were all these ska bands popping up, and they got to be right in that. They were old enough to attend shows on the weekends, which they frequently did. I always had to stay behind, being to young to attend the concerts & such. But, I did get to listen to and enjoy the music with them. Whenever we all went some where together in our father’s giant green mini van, the music was sure to be blasting, with us all shouting along. So because of the Era of Ska, a lot of these songs became a nice marker of this time where my brothers both still lived at home, and we bonded in that silly green van over awesome tunes.

Flash forward a lot of years. Dan Potthast, who was the lead singer in a great ska band called MU330, is going on a living room tour, and my brother Don has announced to me that our house will be one of his stops. Woah. Flash forward another month or so, I’m sitting next to my other brother in our garage, sharing a glance that can only by read as “holy fuck” while Dan P is shouting out one of my favorite songs. This shit was a long time coming, Fangirls. Years of not being able to attend shows with my brothers, and here’s Dan P singing to just a handful of people in my garage. Sharing stories, answering questions about songs, putting up with all of our requests, dealing with that one guy who is way too drunk & super annoying. Turns out, those dudes exist at small private shows like this, too.

Dan was a pleasure. He came early in the evening, we had a barbecue with some friends & family. Things eventually migrated to our garage, where we have a room build above the part where cars go, where we have all of our instruments & play music & hang out & its awesome. Dan played a great set. It was a great mix of his awesome solo work, some MU330 songs, a song or two from his newer band the Bricks, and a whole slew of requests that he let us ask of him. He happily played, and explained the story behind, one of my favorites “I’ve Set Sail”, and my heart promptly exploded with woah. Dan finished his set, and the night ended with lots of story telling and my brother’s & I playing lots of music together. It was so much fucking fun.

If you like straight forward, ska influenced rock music, definitely check out Dan Potthast. He’s an incredible song writer, and his music is genuine & just awesome. And now you can listen to his music knowing that he is a really nice guy and will ask how you slept in the morning when he stays at your house after playing a kick ass show in your garage. So. Go listen to him, he’s the fucking best.

Here’s a song for you to listen to, its very good. I promise.


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