Batwoman #30


Fangirls! It always seems to long between our talks about Batwoman. Despite all the drama & worry with changing writing teams & everything, I’m turning out to still love this book. Much to my relief. The game going on with Wolf Spider is still interesting
me a great deal, which is good because this issue focused solely on a chase between Bats & him, and another healthy dose of mystery being added to the mix.

This issue was mainly just Batwoman kicking ass & chasing the Wolf Spider. Hey, I’m not complaining. After Wolf Spider had released the inmates at Arkham onto Batwoman last issue, we return to her quickly cleaning the floors. She takes out villain after villain, not any very distinct ones, just some of ol’ Gotham’s doers of evil.


Wolf Spider is trying to get out of the building, and away from Batwoman. He has a run in with this Nocturna lady, she’s been popping up but not as prevalent as I thought she’d be. She’s been featured on one or two of the covers, and I thought she’d be more involved. Maybe soon? Batwoman nearly gets Wolf Spider and misses, but is able to get a tracker on him. She follows him to her father’s house, where it becomes apparent the last painting is. They have another brawl, that’s interrupted by an older man shooting at Batwoman. It’s Wolf Spider’s partner in crime in all of this, a man they call Grisham.

Bats goes to her apartment where her cousin is their to try to help her crack the Spider’s code. They know of all the paintings, and they’re trying to figure out what it all means, and what is so special about this paintings. At the same time, Grisham & Wolf Spider are doing the same. Grisham is confused, things that are meant to be on these paintings apparently are not. Maps that are beneath them aren’t lining up. Then, at the same time, Batwoman & Wolf Spider have an Aha Moment. They realize where this map is meant to lead, and it’s in Gotham. They both take off, needing to immediately tend to whatever this is.

But of course, we won’t know until the next issue, Fangirls. I thought I would bore of this chase between this new Wolf Spider fellow and Batwoman, but I still find it entertaining. This series is certainly not as awful as I thought it would become after the original team left. I haven’t lost my beloved Batwoman after all.


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