Villain Chat: Villains of Heathers


Well, Fangirls, since I finally saw the 80’s cult classic Heathers a few weeks ago, it’s taken over my thoughts. I’ve done a lot of pondering on the plot and characters of this movie, and thought that it was a perfect candidate for our Villain Chat. But, then it occurred to me that I couldn’t actually land on just one villain of this movie.

There’s a whole lot of bad guy in this movie, that’s kind of what it’s all about. Veronica is having a little trouble keeping her head above water with all that’s keeping her down. Her high school, and a whole host of enemies within it. Though this movie is called Heathers, the villains within this movie shift as this movie moves forward.


Though the Heathers certainly are a bunch of bad ladies. Especially the group leader, Heather Chandler. Heather C is a very popular & wicked girl who just loves to be mean. She loves to mock others, play pranks, and making the lives of those beneath her, which is everyone, a living hell. She’s judgmental and just down right mean. No one is deserving of Heather C’s good side, if she even has one. She enlists the help of the two other Heathers,though, shes just as vicious to them. But of course, Heather C’s reign at Westerburg High School is cut short by another villainous character in this movie’s lineup.


J.D is the snarky & mysterious boy, who moves around a lot and identifies himself as being “damaged”. A perfect recipe for a trouble maker. Though when we first meet J.D, he seemed innocent enough, especially to Veronica. They fell fast, but soon things got weird. J.D jokingly suggests killing off Heather C, then oops, it happens. Soon, quite the web is weaved as two more students are killed by J.D, and he’s planning a big bang to blow up the whole school. J.D he thinks he’s doing everyone a favor, but really, this guy’s got a lot weighing on his mind and it really drove him nuts, and lead him to destiny.

Then, of course, there’s Kurt & Ram, the blame put on parents, and the blame put on society and the regular ol’ pressure & problems of being a teenager. This movie is chock full of villainy, it’s impossible to point the finger at just one character.


Either way you twist it, this movie is brilliant & dark & hilarious. If you have yet to see it, lucky you, it’s been added to Netflix! And, if you’re looking to experience this awesome story is a new way, it’s been made in to a kick ass musical that’s currently in New York. The songs are unreal, they make me laugh & sing for days.

So go experience this movie, Fangirls, and let us know who you think deserves the real title of Villain!


All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 

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