Heathers the Musical Soundtrack

Whoah, Emily writing about music? “What has the world come to?” you may ask. Don’t worry your beautiful Fangirl head, it’s just for now. I wanted to write about the Heathers the Musical soundtrack because it combines two of my favorite things; The Heathers & musicals.


Fangirls. I fucking love the Heathers movie. If you haven’t seen it, it’s on Netflix, and I’ll give you time to watch it.

Okay, done? Good. In case you don’t have Netflix, or don’t feel like watching it yet, it’s late ’80s Mean Girls, except instead of Katy Herin taking the plastics down from the inside, Veronica kills the worst people at her high school, starting with the mythic bitch, the head Heather. She then moves on to jocks and ends up actually saving her whole school from JD, the dude who convinced her to kill people. Honestly, I think everyone should watch it.


So some smarty pants made it better by turning it into a Broadway musical. I want to kiss them. Good job. The soundtrack was released on iTunes recently, and I swear, halfway through the first song, “Beautiful,” I decided I needed to go see it. The opening number gives us a glimpse into what Veronica Sawyer’s life is like in her high school.

heathers musical

The second song, “Candy Store” is by far my favorite. If you listen to one song from this soundtrack, this is it. It’s about how big of a deal it is for Veronica to be with the Heathers, and how she clearly isn’t appreciating it.

Other notable songs are “Big Fun,” which is about a big party (and a tribute to the shirt Martha Dunnstock wears in the movie), “Dead Girl Walking” about Veronica wanting to get laid, and finally “Blue” which is about blue balls. It’s basically exactly what texting a high school dude is like.

There were a couple parts that really had me worried. In “Freeze Your Brain,” and later in “Our Love is God” it seems like we’re supposed to pity JD, which isn’t really how the movie made me feel. I like hating him, because he’s a psychopath.

I really enjoy this soundtrack. I think it’s worth the $9.99 on iTunes. If you’re still not convinced. Check out how freaking great this song is!


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