The Forest by Solomon Fletcher

Awhile back, I had an interview with the ever fantastic Solomon Fletcher and the other day they sent me a copy of their comic The Forest which was printed for the NRMLC Zine of the Month Club in March. It was the most lovely 12 page comic.



This article contains explicit content; sexual images and nudity.

The story is of two witches who live in dying forest. They need to do a very powerful spell to bring the forest back to life. Their spells are a bit different, instead of using wands and bizarre language, they have sex.


And it looks like fantastic sex, which is how (spoiler alert) they bring the forest back. It’s great; definitely the ending I was hoping for. I didn’t really expect the sex (I knew there would be some explicit content), but I love the way Fletcher shows creatures. I’ve followed their NSFW comic, Goldy & The Bears for a little while now, because they show bodies and “alternate” sexual acts in an accurate an informative way.


Fangirls, I love indie comics. I think it’s so damn inspiring that creators can spend time doing what they love and are passionate about. Solomon does this with their beautiful art, webcomic, and this zine comic. I really enjoyed The Forest. I love the lack of color (the cover is full color, but the inside is black, white, and green), it really shows the forest coming back to life.


This is a beautiful comic. You can find it here.

This is my favorite bit of this comic.
This is my favorite bit of this comic.

Want more Solomon (who doesn’t?):
Goldy & The Bears Comic



All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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