Convention Suggestions

Hey Fangirls! This week is an opinion article week, and I’ve been heming an hawing over what to write about. My first thought was to talk about masculinity, as a brother article to my femininity article awhile back. But then I realized that it is as little my place to talk about masculinity as it is a man’s place to talk about femininity. So I nixed that. Next I considered the Selfie generation, but I found a better place for that on Saturday. I finally decided to write about conventions.


In case you are unaware, ConnectiCon 2014 is next weekend; we will be leaving a week from today (wow). I am so excited and nervous and ready but unprepared. I have so many mixed feelings about it. ConnectiCon is a lovely convention that we attended last year for the first time, with friends who have been going to it for ages. I Disneybounded a bit, but was very laid back. This year, I’m stressing myself out.

Some of the stress might be coming from the fact that my room currently looks like a bomb went off.
Some of the stress might be coming from the fact that my room currently looks like a bomb went off.

I’ve notice this happen a lot with me when there are big trips. I stressed about all of the Starkid events we’ve been to, about the other concerts we’ve attended, about Special Edition: NYC, and now about ConnectiCon. So I made some convention suggestions for myself, to keep myself sane.

1. Budget

Last year’s ConnectiCon I was so broke. I couldn’t afford pizza to eat. This year, around tax time, I went through the conventions and concerts I was going to this summer, and budgeted out for it. Money for tickets (when necessary), travel, hotel, and for art / goodies at the convention. Not having to worry about money in that respect is making this summer so much less stressful.

2. Panel Planning

Last year we made a super intense list of panels we were going to go to, and I think we went to 2/20. I got very overwhelmed when we weren’t on schedule, and felt like I would miss out on the show floor. So I ended up not going to very many panels at all. This year, we each picked out one every day that we want to go to. This way, there is one thing I really want to do each day. If I hear about other things the day of, I have time in my schedule to go to them without feeling rushed.

3. Pack, Unpack, and Repack.

I am only in phase one of this step. I planned out and packed the clothes I’ll need for the days we’ll be there. I know everything from the shoes I’ll be wearing up to how many bobby pins I’m bringing (about 50, in case I lose them or anyone else needs some). I planned two outfits for everyday, just in case. I’ll unpack soon, then repack. That way I am more familiar with what I’m bringing, and will be less likely to forget stuff.
Here is my pack list:
~swim suit
~3p shorts
~4 t-shirts
~3 dresses
~2 tank tops
~bra & undies
~3p shoes
~2p pants
~hair stuff
~2 purses
~4p tights
~2 sweaters
~wallet with money

4. Busy Yourself

The time leading up to the convention is always the most stressful for me. If I have too much down time, I freak out and do silly things like overrating (which adds to my stress levels). This year I’m trying to keep busy by with productive things. The other day I finished my dress I’ve been working in for months (and I feel so cute in it), and I’ve been writing articles in advance so next week I don’t lose my mind.

5. Stay Clean

This is more noticeable at NYCC than ConnectiCon, but there is such a thing as con stink. It happens when patrons don’t bathe or wear enough deodorant, and is very bad news. I don’t like having to plug my nose as I walk through hallways, do you? So as a courtesy to everyone around you, please keep yourself clean. We are very lucky because we stay in the hotel attached to the convention, and therefore can reapply deodorant or shower again whenever we want. When I go to other cons, I tend to bring a to-go deodorant in my purse, because I know that artists and other attendees don’t want to smell me.

6. Stay Hydrated

I have an issue with staying hydrated. I never drink water. But it’s so freaking important. In these weeks before the con I’ve been trying to get into the habit of drinking more because not only is it really good for you, but it can also help you decrease your stress levels. If a con doesn’t let you bring your full water bottle in, empty it and fill it inside at a water fountain. When you get exhausted, you get grumpy and intolerable (or at least I do). During the summer conventions remember how hot it is, and how much walking you’ll be doing. It’s well worth any extra bathroom trips you have to take.

7. Eat

This is just as important as drinking water. If you don’t have food in your system, you’re going to shut down. You need it. Please don’t malnourish yourself. It’s so important. Try to get some protein (eggs, peanut butter, cottage cheese) and some fruit or veggies. It’ll make your experience so much better.

8. Pace Yourself

Fangirls, I like to drink, and so do my friends. And there is nothing wrong with that. Know your limits, and be mindful of them. The fewer people that get hurt, the better.

9. Use the Buddy System

It’s dangerous to go alone. As a female, it’s (sadly) so important to remember that not everyone is nice or safe. I wish this didn’t have to be a convention suggestion, but it is. Be careful out there, Fangirls.

10. Have Fun

What’s the most clichĂ© way to end a suggestion list? By telling people to have fun of course! But it really is important. Most people go to conventions to have fun, so do that! I’m trying to remember this myself, but am still stressing out.

I like conventions, Fangirls. I like meeting new people, finding unique art, talking to creators, and partying it up with my friends. I still stress, and worry myself to death, but on the ride home, I know it’s worth it.

If you have any Convention Suggestions, feel free to comment them below or tweet them at us (@FangirlsAreWe). If you’re going to ConnectiCon, I can’t wait to meet you, and if you aren’t, be prepared for some silly stories when we get back!


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  1. 11. Scope the booties, but be careful not to get caught or cross a line and touch a booty without permission. Peeps not creeps.

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