All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor

I can’t stop listening to this song, Fangirls. I came across it when I was scrolling down twitter. The Third RLM, an art fighter who specializes in pin up monsters, tweeted about how good it was, and I haven’t stopped listening.


All About That Bass is an amazing song in all the ways. It has a strong message, a fun groove, funny lyrics, and is well sung. How could I not fall in love.


The music is a mixture of jazz and pop. There are horns and bass (duh), and it’s just so lovely. Trainor’s voice fits it perfectly. The lyrics are about enjoying bass, but also body confidence. “It’s pretty clear, I ain’t no size two, but I can shake it shake it, the way I’m supposed to do.” And the song continues like that.

It’s easy to sing along to, to listen to on repeat, and to dance to. It was released on iTunes this past Tuesday, and I bought it as soon as I could. It makes me dance and have fun, and in turn, I feel good. I think a song about loving yourself (especially aimed at women) is so important right now. We have a lot to deal with, and Trainor displays confidence that I can only dream of having.


She’s inspiring. She is fantastic at her craft, looks lovely in pastels, and looks like she’s genuinely having fun. Plus, she’s bringing booty back, thank goodness. Go check out this single, on iTunes, or YouTube or her website. You’ll fall in love.




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