The Legend of Korra Book 3: Change

So I recently breezed through Book 2 of the Legend of Korra and caught up online with Book 3. Book 2 left me a little upset just because Korra can no longer commune with her past selves, even though her Avatar state seems no less powerful. I wont get into why this happened because we are focusing on Book 3 here!

imagesI am hoping that the connection is not broken forever, just lost for a bit. I could so see the show taking it that way, especially since this tragedy hasn’t been just swept under the rug entirely at the start of the new season. On that matter, you know what I would love to see? More adventures of adult Aang.

Anyway, Harmonic Convergence has come and gone, and Vatu is defeated for another 10,000 years. Unalaq is dead, and his children, Eska and Desna now rule over the Northern Water Tribe with apathy, as they do with almost everything. I’m glad to see they are characters that are here to stay, though.

Humans and spirits are experiencing some growing pains from Korra’s decision to keep the spirit portals open and let spirits and humans pass freely between the 2 worlds; the President gets so mad about it he bans Korra from Republic City!The Legend of Korra, Book 3- Official Trailer #2 (HD).mp4_snapshot_00.24_[2014.06.22_00.11.47]

But that’s alright, because she is on the hunt across the nations for new Airbenders. You read that right, Airbenders! It seems Harmonic Convergence kicked Airbending back into the world’s system giving many full grown and previous non-benders the ability to Airbend. It goes without saying that Tenzin is beyond pleased that he now has a chance to rebuild the Air Nation and refill the Air Temples. In fact, his own brother, Bumi, who previously could not bend is now able to Airbend!!

Turns out though, people don’t really want to leave their live to become Air Benders, and would rather just continue on as usual even though their bending is uncontrolled and often comes out at really bad times. So, Team Avatar moves onto Ba Sing Se, the largest Earth Nation City where they are sure they will find many new Air Benders to recruit. So far they have only recruited Kai, a young orphan boy who we have yet to see turn over the “new leaf” he promised.

Other notable happenings in the first 3 episodes:

  • Mako and Bolin meet their family, which turns out is pretty big!
  • Fire Lord Zuko is still alive, and now rides a badass dragon all over the place. 5 - UK
  • A band of 4 criminals has broken out 3 out of 4 members. They are very dangerous, and one of them is a new Airbender, who is actually quite skilled already. The other 3 are, you guessed it, an Earthbender, a Waterbender(with no arms, but she uses water as arms, its pretty awesome), and a Firebender. The Firebender has yet to be broken out, and is now on watch by Zuko, Eska, Desna, and Tonraq in the North.

It also seems that the Earth Queen is doing some nefarious things when we find out that not only is she a huge bitch but she also is capturing all new Airbenders in Ba Sing Se(including Kai) and trying to make them into an army with unknown purpose so far.

A lot to take in, I know! I am going to try and catch The Legend of Korra on TV now that I am caught up, and it might likely take my Monday article spots up after ConnectiCon coverage is all done with! I do hear though that they will be airing 2 episodes every Friday until the season is over. This is both a blessing but also something to be wary of. This could, to me, mean that the show isn’t doing well anymore and they are looking to cancel it. I just hope that if it is cancelled that the creators will get a chance to wrap it up, but mostly I just hope they get the whole story out; I’d hate to see wasted potential.

All characters, images, and videos are copyright of their original owners.

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