Appdicted: Lost Yeti


Fangirls! This week, I bring you the cutest little 8 bit app. If it’s fun & tricky game play doesn’t get you obsessed enough with this game, it’s adorableness most definitely will. It’s also super easy, great for kids, and did I mention that it’s super cute?I stumbled upon this game and was drawn in by the cute little 8 bit yeti friend on it’s icon. After downloading it, I quickly realized that this game was not just a cute little game, but a fun & tricky puzzle like game that I was easily playing for extended periods of time.  The game is pretty easy, and it’s a lot more than a few levels of tricky mazes & rearranging.

Lost Yeti has a few different worlds. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how may there are because despite all the time I’ve been putting in I’m not yet past the first world. So, I’m still on Snowy Hills.

image_1 (6)

The object of this game is to get our cute little Yeti friend to a finish line, because he’s lost, and we’re trying to help him out. To do that, you have to move various squares around to get him to the finish line. So, Yeti is in a maze. There are different blocks that move in a few different directions, and you’ve got to maneuver them around one by one to get him on his way. Let’s take a look.

image_2 (6)Yeti friend cant move forward with those blocks in the way. The arrows indicate which way they can move. So, scroll them up or down to get to the gap where Yeti friend can pass through. Also, collect the popsicle!

image_4 (6) Yay! We made it through. From there, you keep going through different sorts of mazes with different blocks and obstacles. Sometimes, there’s other creatures in there with you that you must avoid, or popsicles that you must get before you get to the finish line. Sometimes, it’s really quite the challenge. But work with your Yeti friend and help him get un-lost! Look how happy and cute he is when he crosses the finish line. Daw. How can you not help that little guy out?

image_5 (6)


This game is simple, fun and challenging. I love when a game this adorable is also well made and a good challenge. Lost Yeti is as is a fun to look at as it is to play. The bright colors and lovely 8 bit design. Everything about this game is just so darn fun.

So get to downloading, Fangirls! Help that little yeti friend out!


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