Music: Gal Power Playlist

Sometimes, Fangirls, you just want, and need, to hear some ladies busting out the jams. For those days, which let’s be honest is most days, I’ve put together some excellent songs by women who rock. Now, these songs are necessarily all songs about empowering women, but songs by women who rock so hard you’ll feel empowered. Shredding guitar, killer beats, all made by the hands of talented chicks.

Unfortunately, like most of the world, the music industry is tough for a rad music making lady. But, instead of letting it get you down and getting all mopey, we just have to embrace all the women out their putting all they’ve got into their craft. Women in rock, hip hop, pop, punk, and all over the spectrum are proving that women are no different when it comes to helping people get down. Take a listen to these women making some down right delicious tunes, Fangirls!

I tried to keep this mix eclectic, and to showcase all the different types of talent out their in the lady verse. Women like Cyndi Lauper, and groups like Sleater -Kinney who paved the way for all sorts women to embrace themselves & their love for whatever type of music makes them move. I remember feeling inspired knowing that Feist was a founding member of such an influential super group like Broken Social Scene. And of course, women like Beyonce and the members of TLC who have shown how strong & iconic women can be.

Women rock, Fangirls. But I’m that’s not news to any of you. But now, you can have a playlist when you’re feeling extra hyped or extra down with lady stuggle, or when you just want to rock the fuck out. In the car, in your room, any time is a good time for Gal Power, Fangirls.


All images and songs are copyright of their respective owners.

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