ConnectiCon 2014: The Kyle Experience

IMG_1081Hello everyone! As I sit here typing to you, I am finally settling back into normalcy after the weekend I look forward to all year; ConnectiCon!! I saw some really stellar cosplays this year, as well as improved my own. I met a lot of cool people, some of whom were famous. We hung out with Joseph and Tim  from Marble Hornets and had a lot of good laughs, and even shared in an inside joke, which was pretty cool.

In the interest of not destroying your faces with every second of the cool things that happened, I’ll try to keep this in sections. First of all, the Mario Kart 8 Tournament.

IMG_0956It was a bit of a walk to get to this one, because the Con has begun to expand into the close by Hilton. When we got there, we found a room with many consoles set up for a lot of different games. The tournament was a bit disorganized, but once it got going it worked fairly quickly with 3 different systems set up. I got knocked out in the first round, unfortunately because I was not used to using anything but the Wii U Pro controllers. Our friend Keith made it into the second round, but ultimately we were all knocked out and learned that some people take Mario Kart a little too  seriously.

Panels and Meetings

I went to 2 panels this year, and honestly I would have hit 3 if they weren’t all of the same day.

The first panel I went to was Richard Horvitz’s Q&A! For those who don’t know he is the voice behind Zim from Invader Zim, Billy and his dad from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Raz from Psychonauts, and many others you would recognize from hearing the character speak just once; he has a very unique voice. I didn’t have any questions but it was such a good time! Richard is a very funny man and all of the little stories he told us were fantastic; you could tell he really loved what he did and his fans. We had time to go down to meet him after his panel and get a picture as well as an autograph! He loved my shirt, too!



Right next to Richard’s table, was the voice behind Gir, Bloaty the Pizza Hog, and many other various monsters from Invader Zim; Rikki Simons!


Rikki also does a lot of the background painting for the show which is what he was originally hired for. Afterwards we went right up to his Q&A. He was also a very funny man who loves to play around on his ukulele. He also told us a lot of little stories about many different little things and made me laugh quite a bit when he started doing to Bloaty voice; I’m honestly still chuckling thinking about it now. He told us all about these little ideas that never made it into the show which are just neat little things to hear. He even told us about his cats!! Just like Richard though, he seemed to enjoy doing what he does and the people who appreciate his work.

I really wish I could have gone to Janet Varney’s Q&A since I am really into Korra lately and she is the voice for Korra, but all of these panels took place on Saturday which was the day I chose to do my Marshall Lee cosplay. So by the time Janet Varney rolled around it was already almost 4 pm and I hadn’t gotten into costume yet; I was very sad to make that sacrifice.

Marble Hornets

I met these 3 last year, and that was a good experience but, this year blew last year out of the water. I stopped by during the day to say hello, and admit my shame that I hadn’t quite finished their series which is now over, but as expected they were so cool about everything. The real joy came when my brother and I ran into Joseph and Tim and hung out with them for a few hours. We even went up to our room to share a drink and got a pretty great Oscar’s style selfie.IMG_1045

We all had each other laughing really hard, especially with an inside joke of theirs that we are now on the inside of. They were so chill though, and I wouldn’t have really expected to spend so much time with them. The next day we updated our picture with them from last year at their table, and Tim made a sign that involves one of the jokes from the night before.


Personal cosplays

As I told you a while back, I did a few cosplays. I managed to get all of them done except for Dexter but, that was only because the wig for him did not arrive in time. I improved my Marshall Lee Bass quite  bit with the help of my step dad. we switched the neck and center piece of the body with a single piece of wood which made it so much more stable. I stained the neck with real wood stain, re-made the skull with oven bake clay, and we got real bass strings to put onto it! It came out beautifully and was so much easier to have this year. And if I do say so myself, I think I was the best Marshall Lee there in terms of effort and result!


And a close up:



And The Court of Owls Cosplay improved as well because my fancy pants were ready to wear this time! Oddly, The Court of Owls got more pictures taken then Marshall Lee, but Marshall Lee got a lot of compliments.


My demon was well received too; people’s reactions to my eyes were the best part! I also liked being able to wear any clothes I wanted and be in cosplay. This picture also shows the best Castiel cosplay I’ve ever seen one part because of how he looks, but mostly because he had the character down perfectly. He always looked confused and lost, and right after this picture was taken he smited me and was gone before I lifted my head back up.


As for the rest of my photos of all the neat cosplays I saw, there will be an album posted soon of all of me, Natalie, and Emily’s photos combined! I am excited for you all to see them!!

I had a blast despite not having as much money as I hoped for but that is only because the Dealer’s room was so on point with my interests this year! I would have needed about a grand to buy everything I wanted.

All characters and images are copyright of their original owners.

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