Appdicted: Beyond Gravity

Fangirls! This app is awesome!



So you’re an astronaut, whose ship crashed into a planet. You need to jump from planet to planet, collecting screws. The screws are money that help you buy new parts/upgrades for you.


It’s a very easy app. I’ve been playing all stinking night. I can’t stop. It cost $.99 but it’s super worth it. I love being an astronaut and jumping through space. There are challenges within the game, like reaching 500 screws, or 100 gold screws.


It’s so cute too! The colors are nice and complimentary, the shapes are fun. There are even little alien friends who plod along on the planets. They aren’t challenging, but there are planets that spin backwards. There are also asteroids that can kill you. Those are bad news.


You can double jump, and spin on planets, what’s not to love? Check it out, Fangirls!

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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