Movie: Unhung Hero


While roaming around Netflix, I found quite an interesting movie that I just couldn’t pass up, Fangirls. As you might have been able to guess by the title, Unhung Hero is a tale of a tiny dick. This “cockumentary” takes us along with Patrick, a man obsessed with the idea that he needs to correct his little problem.

You might know Patrick. A video of him was viral for a few days. Patrick proposed to his girlfriend at a basketball game, where she famously said no. In Unhung Hero, Patrick reveals that one of the reasons why his girlfriend didn’t want to marry him was because his penis was too small for her. This cut Patrick deep, and convinced him that he has an unloveable dick, needing to be fixed.

Patrick goes into how society stresses the importance of a big wang. Dicks equal power, as we all certainly, and unfortunately, know. So, the bigger the dick, the more powerful, the more manly you are. So Patrick is convinced that his penis means that he is a wimpy loser. He confirms with a few doctor that he is in fact below average, then sets out to do something about it.

81LfVwlzH9L._SL1500_Patrick finds himself on a regimen of enlargement pills, penis pumping, and jelqing (a thing where you try to stretch your penis). Of course, he sees no results and learns of the health risks of these things. But Patrick is ready to go to any lengths to help out his wang.


Patrick goes to Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, and Korea to try out different methods of penis enlargement. He tries out an old practice of hanging & lifting weights on the penis. He almost let’s an odd man inject his penis with this magic oil stuff in a hotel room, with no gloves or anything on. Luckily, he backs out at the last minute. He also backs out on a full on surgery to change the appearance of his dick.

After all that, Patrick finally starts to get a bit of a change in attitude. He starts to realize a bit that maybe all of this doesn’t really matter. With the help of a cute lady, he does fully make this realization. Pretty much by telling him that he’s being a selfish lame guy and that it’s not all about his dick. Applause to her.

I was thinking about women facing problems like this. At first I was sure it would be different, but I realized that the issues are actually pretty similar. Women with smaller boobs tend to work hard to make them bigger, or at least make them appear that way. And women with big boobs are certainly more oodled at, but sometimes they can be a problem. I think where things different is the whole power thing. Women with bigger boobs may be more often viewed as more attractive, but I don’t think it makes them any more powerful.

This documentary was very interesting & entertaining, and it certainly got me thinking. I was happy that in the end Patrick realized how foolish it was to care so much about this, and to put his penis at risk because of it. Love your small dick, Patrick.

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