ConnectiCon 2014

In case you couldn’t tell from the amount we’ve been tweeting, writing, and instagraming about it, ConnectiCon was this past weekend.  This year we all split up more, and ended up condensing our articles, so we don’t ruminate for two weeks again (twitter is another story). So now it’s my turn.


We all got to Connecticut on Thursday night.  We got our badges, made a friend, and retired to the room to “unpack” and start drinking.  Thursday didn’t include anything we were too interested in, so we were okay with spending the night in.

image (3)

Friday morning, we tried to get up for the press junket, but were dismayed by the lack of communication about who would actually be there.  So we went back to sleep, and hit the floor by 9.  Natalie and I headed to the dealers room (we had some Art Fighters to catch up with), but were really bummed to see a sign that said “Dealers Room opens at Noon.” So we scoped out where the panels we’d be attending were, then headed back to the room.  Natalie had the awful luck of breaking her toe that Wednesday, so we ended up in the room whenever we weren’t occupied.


Eventually, we got into the dealers room and wandered.  We found the Art Fighter booths and said hello to the gents we met last year, and met some dudes who were newer to the team (Michael Bracco, Brandon Chalmers, Ross Nover, Dann Malihom & Marty Day were the guys we knew, Rob M (The Third RLM) & Alex Kazanas were the guys we had to be introduced to).  A bit later, we went to their show, which was amazing as always. I will never get over how much I admire what these folks do up on that stage.  They keep the crowd pumped, stay on top of their topics, keep in character, and have to battle! Their topics were interesting, and I loved it.

After that, we went on a Subway run (where they played Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass, which floored me), and headed back for Natalie’s late night panel. I got to go out to dinner with some cool dudes, and late that night headed back to the room.


Saturday I got up pretty early to go to the press junket, but was sadly, very disappointed.  I don’t have much bad to say about ConnectiCon, because they do amazing things, and I really enjoy going, but the junket started an hour late (due to miscommunication), which made me grumpy.  I left after just a couple guests to go on a bagel run. After that, it was back on the floor until Super Art Fight’s live podcast. After that, more wandering, and then around 8, we headed to Art Fight Unleashed.  It’s like Art Fight, but Cards Against Humanity is where the topics came from. So.  Let that sink in, and if you ever get a chance, check it out.  That night I said some choice words about Cinderella, and headed home around 3am to find the Marble Hornets in our hotel room.


Sunday was very lazy.  We wandered a bit, said goodbye to the lovely Art Fight dudes, and headed home.  I’m still very sleepy, but it was fantastic.  I think ConnectiCon is an amazing convention.  It’s a great size, the guests are nice, and we met SAF there.  If you’re on the fence about going next year, two things.  One; you’re thinking way far in advance, good for you.  Two; do it.  It is such a fun convention.  I never feel like it’s too crowded, I can always find what I need, and the Hartford area is very easy to navigate.  I’m awful at directions, but one of the people working the desk at the Marriott drew me 3 maps in one day, and it was easy for me to find my way.

A huge thank you to everyone who makes ConnectiCon what it is.  We’ve had a blast every time we’ve gone, regardless of any bumps.  Also, congratulations to Leo Marinak, the press manager, on his engagement at the nerd prom!  We’ll see you next year, ConnectiCon!





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