Suicide Squad Issues 27 & 28

Hey there, Fangirls! Last time we left off with the Thinker transporting his consciousness into OMAC, King Shark fighting daddy shark Kamo, and Harley dropping a mountain on the rest of the Squad. It was pretty eventful, and it doesn’t stop there.


Issue 27 is mostly about Deadshot, Warrant, Powergirl, Captain Boomerang, Steel, and the Unknown Soldier trying to get out of the mountain they’re stuck in. While the heroes and villains are trying to escape, we learn a bit about their background.

Deadshot never wastes a bullet, Powergirl is actually from another, more peaceful Earth, but it was destroyed. Captain Boomerang is from the outback, where he leaned to use a boomerang as a weapon. The Unknown Soldier used to have a family, but they were killed in the London Underground bombings. Warrant kills terrorists. Steel use to work with superheroes, but got sick of their fighting each other instead of helping those in need. They all have pretty serious shit in their background, but aren’t concerned with getting to know each other.


Meanwhile, at Belle Reve, Waller finds out that OMAC’s original consciousness, Kevin Kho, is still in there, struggling to retake control. King Shark and Kamo are still dukeing it out, and somehow, the Squad from under the mountain comes back to kick butt, but they fail. OMAC takes them down, and is still looking for Waller.

Harley and Deadshot, however, did not attack OMAC. They went on their own adventure to find some magic bullets. When they do, they bring them to Waller. She says that the bullets will enhance their speed and agility, for a brief period of time. The only way to inject the tech, though, is to be shot with it. So Deadshot shoots Harley, Waller, and himself, and that’s how it ends.


That’s not really what I expected to read. I didn’t want to see a seemingly lifeless Harley on the ground, the same way I didn’t want to see OMAC destroying everyone else. I’m a bit worried for the Squad. I know if isn’t the end, but I’m still worried. Until next time, Fangirls, keep reading!

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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