Angels and Cybermen and Daleks, Oh My!

Doctor_who_villains_-_Kelly_YatesSo, I was thinking as I was getting out of the shower today about all the different Doctor Who villains there are, and I wanted to take some time to consider which ones are the most frightening. For me, I think it is the psychological fear of the Weeping Angels or the Silence.

It’s even hard for me to scroll past this picture…

This has a lot to do with the unknown element to them both. Will I finish drying my hair under the cover of a towel and open my eyes to see an Angel inches from my face with it’s teeth bared? Have I been followed by the Silence all of my life and I just don’t remember the-silenceit? The thought that the angels can move so fast that if you blink you are in trouble. Not to mention you can’t meet their eyes, or even look at a picture of them without letting them into your own body or making an image that has become and angel. It definitely put the fer into me of ever taking my eyes off of a statue right away.

vestraBut what I want to know is what scares others the most? Is it the Vashta Nerada? Those pesky little shadow beings that, according to The Doctor are the specks of dust you see in beams of sunlight sometimes. Just think about it, you’re walking along one day and walk through a big shadow and on the other side the only thing that emerges are your bones falling the ground, picked clean in an instant. If anything these creatures made it a little unsettling when the light hits you just the right way for you to have two shadows. 

daleksI don’t think anyone particularly fears the Daleks, even though they are the greatest evil in the universe. I think if they were a real threat to us in reality, they would strike fear into the hearts of entire planets, but on screen they are simply the Doctor’s greatest enemy who have silly robotic voices and honestly are sometimes more of a nuisance just because they are never all gone.

doctor_5The same goes for Cybermen. Up until “A Nightmare in Silver” you could pretty much just outrun Cybermen and dodge their lasers. Now they move fast and don’t really have to do that silly march. I don’t think anyone thinks they are very scary, but maybe the idea of losing all emotion is frightening.

Let’s be honest, is anyone afraid of Judoon? Honestly they are just mercenaries and even in “Smith and Jones” when they were on a hunt for a fugitive, they weren’t unnecessarily violent. Granted the people in the hospital were suffocating and they didn’t really care much and did kill some people when they got in the way, they were kind of just doing their job.

What about the Krillitane? Anyone scared of big old bat creatures? Slitheen? Raxacoricofalapatorius got you shaking in your boots? What about the potato warriors, the Sontaurans? What about The Empty Child?

doctor-who-midnightOne I do want to mention is the unknown creature from “Midnight.” Now that was a scary one! Like I said, it is the unknown that is really spooky to me and we spent the entire episode not knowing what this thing was going to do next. We saw the ugliness of humans in a crisis and honestly that can be just as scary. But to me, it sent a slight chill down my spine when it began knocking on the outside of the shuttle and it could have been something falling onto it…..until it knocked back when someone tested it.

I am really curious to know what everyone finds the most scary in the series, so please, comment below and let me know if you feel so inclined! I know there are a lot I haven’t mentioned, especially episode exclusive creatures and it doesn’t even have to be evil. Afraid of the Ood? I won’t judge!

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