Appdicted: French Girls

Fangirls, I know this app sounds like a weird sex thing or maybe a bizarre dating app, but it isn’t.  Have you seen Titanic?  Well you know how Rose wants to be drawn like one of his french girls? That’s what this app is about.


I know the above image doesn’t really help my case, but this is suuuuch a funny app.  There are two parts to it.  The easy part is taking a selfie.  We all know how pro selfie I am.  So you take a selfie while in the app, and post it.  Then, someone else draws you (or an addition to your selfie).


These are ones that people have done of me.  The other part of the app is the hard one; drawing other people.  I’m definitely not confident enough to do it, I only did it when the tutorial told me to.  I think the best thing about this side of the app is that your drawing is anonymous.


It’s fun, Fangirls!  And if you’re not really into drawing or being drawn, check it out just for other people’s art.  There are some really talented people out there, just drawing silly selfies.

There is a slightly social aspect, where the drawings can be liked, but it’s still anonymous.  Let me know what you think!




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2 thoughts on “Appdicted: French Girls

  1. Drawings are no longer anonymous as of yesterday – I think that’s good because now maybe 12 year olds will stop drawing me pictures of dicks. I knew you’d like this app ;D

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