Movie: Kiss Me (Kyss Mig)


It’s no lie, Fangirls. I love cheesy dumb movies. Honestly, I love to judge & poke fun at them and their predictability, but in the end I really do fall for a crappy love story. But why do all these love stories involving same sex couples always have to be so forbidden? I’m not sure if movie producers understand how same sex relationships work, it’s not all hidden lust & forced to be temporary. I hope for the day that a gay couple is shown without all the emphasis being on the gay part. That all being said, I can’t deny the fact that I enjoyed this movie a lot.

It is the most cheesy & predictable story ever. Girl is with boy. Girl loves boy, girl is going to marry boy. Girl goes on trip. Girl meets girl. Girl loves girl. Oops. Everything down to the plot twists is anticipated. But I can’t help getting wrapped up in the relationship between Mia & Frida.

Mia is the daughter of Lasse. Lasse is an older man, engaged to marry Elisabeth. Frida is the daughter of Elisabeth. While on a trip to visit her father and his new bride to be, Mia meets Frida for the first time. Instantly, they of course have this sort of sexual tension. Mia ends up stuck going on a trip with just Elisabeth & Frida. Of course, one thing leads to another, and they end up making out, and later fucking. It’s quite hot actually, they have great chemistry. But of course, Mia is fighting it. She’s “not like that”. She loves Tim. All that jazz. But clearly Mia, you are like that. This is yet another movie that focuses on and instills in people that their sexuality must be a fight. It doesn’t have to be that way, and it certainly isn’t always that way for everyone. But I suppose after Mia’s initial lady shock, it really becomes more about cheating on her fiancé. And obviously the plot twist is that Frida also has a partner which she’s cheating on.

So, with the things working against them, they can’t be together. Frida tells her partner that she’s cheated on her, and admits that she’s in love with Mia. Mia on the other hand, doesn’t say anything to her fiance Tim. But of course, Tim sees them together in town one day. Mia finally decides that she must be with Frida, and that she can’t go on doing what she’s doing. But before she can tell Frida that she’s going to leave Tim, Frida decides enough is enough. She can’t be something on the side, this can’t be a fantasy land, she needs things to be more realistic. So she calls it quits. Now, Mia has left her fiance and caused one jumbled mess, and Frida is gone. But she’s going to fight for this. So, in the most cliche part of the movie, it’s revealed that Frida is going away to Barcelona to escape from everything, but Mia must see her. So, there’s obviously a chasing airport scene, where Mia is trying to get to Frida in time, but she fails. So naturally, she buys a plane to ticket to Barcelona, and somehow in the entire city, finds Frida. They live happily ever after.

This is one more uncommon thing that I appreciate seeing. When characters who are gay or who get involved with the same sex are portrayed this way, it always ends with them not being able to be together. The fight is too hard, “I’m not like this”, and they go on to lead separate lives. This movie stuck so hard to it’s cliche that it ended up doing something that was actually the only unexpected thing. Frida & Mia are together & happy in the end. Though I still can’t always get on board with the forbidden love things, I appreciate that they actually ended up together and happy, and that the family was excepting. Frida’s mother actually made some good points that tend to not be brought up in things like this. She talked to Lasse, after finding out his daughter was with Frida, and told him that this doesn’t mean you need to give up hope on your child finding love, getting married, and having children. Sure, parents most definitely should not always count & expect their child to go this route. But, it certainly happens, and I find that a lot of parents of gay children think that this idea needs to be lost. It most definitely does not, and I appreciate seeing a movie address that.

All in all, I enjoyed this movie. Sure, I’m going to knit pick about things. But, it was a well made movie that I found entertaining. It was a cinematically beautiful movie. The setting, the acting, the shots. It was great. Specifically the scene with Frida & Mia sharing the room. When they have sex, the swirling lights of the spacey light is beautiful. All the colors rotating and moving all bright and lovely. It was quite nice. Though I have some bones to pick, I do recommend this movie. Plus, Swedish is a fucking rad language, Fangirls.


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