On: Traveling

August brings a whole lot of trips our way, Fangirls. In preparing for them, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about traveling itself and it’s importance. I think that most people as humans feel the need to search & see much more beyond where ever they are most of the time. Vacations, road trips, everyone seems to always be striving for those things. Even if you don’t necessarily dislike where you live, I think people just always have the urge to get up and go, and get out of their normal surroundings. I think it does the brain and the body a whole lot of good. Which is good, because with trips to four different places coming up this month, I better want to get my butt out of town.

Maybe it’s just because I come from a pretty small area, but I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who hasn’t been desiring to get away & go on a trip. There’s always so much that people want to see. I personally can’t imagine not wanting to go out and explore the vastness of this world. I mean, there’s just so much, Fangirls. I often think about why exactly humans want to travel & explore so badly.

I think for me personally, I know that there’s so much to see, I feel that I almost need to go see it all. As someone who can be quite a worry wart, I think that I worry about what I might be missing out, or worry that there’s always some place better to be. We might love where we live, but what if there’s some city out there that we’ve never seen, that we could fall in love with even more. People always think that there’s better out in the world somewhere. And is that such an awful thing honestly? To just want to best for ourselves?

There are people out their who think that traveling is bad news. Sure, it can get stressful and tough to organize, but that can easily be all worth it and I think they’d agree. But, there’s people who think that traveling is bad for you. There’s this whole idea, and it certainly happens, that returning from a great trip can really knock you emotionally. You were in a high, and coming home is like coming down. You feel like nothing in your home area is good enough, you’ll have a hole in you that traveling feels. I personally, don’t know if I can get behind this. Certainly, I understand how traveling can feel almost euphoric, and come home can burst your bubble a bit. But, does that make the entire trip not worth it? Would you rather go on it life not having seen these things? I don’t think people who have experienced the joy of beautiful national parks, or mountains in Bali, or rode the train from one European country to the next will tell you that they wished they had never seen what they saw because they were bummed out when they got home. If you’re bummed out to be home, use those feelings to fuel you to your next trip. Make time to enjoy yourself and travel to wherever you dream.

This coming month, I’m going on a few trips with friends and on a road trip by myself. I’ve looked forward to them all summer. When I’m sitting at home all bummed, thinking about the last time I was on my way to some place great, I just think about how great the next trip will be. Putting in the time to be at home & work hard makes going on those awesome trips so much more excellent. And boy, are they excellent. Driving for hours and hours to get a glimpse of some place new. It’s an electric feeling, Fangirls. And so very, very, worth it.

Before the summers passed us by, I encourage you all to take the time to experience a great trip for yourself. Road tripping is my favorite type of travel. I suggest you all check out Roadtrippers.com because it’s an excellent resource that gives you everything you need to plan a totally awesome trip.

Get to traveling, Fangirls! And make sure to do it safely!


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