Let’s Talk About: Sex & The Senses

Fangirls! Humans are incredibly sexually complex, just like the brain. It’s said, and proven, that the brain is really one of the most important organs in sexual arousal. For get your junk for a minute, our brains control & respond to everything happening to our bodies, so it only makes sense. Our brains trigger & react to everything we see, touch, hear, so the relationship of the brain & senses to our sexuality is extremely direct. On the surface of things, it’s clear that touch would be the most prevalent in sexuality, but when you take a closer look at things, its clear that all five play a tremendous role in our arousal.

Yeah, sex is touching. There’s a lot of touching things happening. However, when you’re thinking about the things that turn you on and that happen during sex, there’s so much more than a touching going on. Stimulating various sources on your skin or genitals is absolutely the most direct source of sexual arousal. Your erogenous zones are labeled that for a reason. But, you’ve got to think of the things that got you to that point of touching, or the other things going on that are complementing the touching. The little things that wake your brain up and say “Hey, I like that. I’m getting real turned on right now”


Vision is also a more obvious trigger for arousal, I suppose. In our society, we place a lot of pressure on appearance, and there’s a lot of obvious arousal that comes from that. It is proven that men respond to this more, but that’s also a bit of a result of societal norms. There’s more often more for men to look at, if its women that they’re looking to oodle at. Women are shown more provocatively, and more pornography aimed towards straight males exist. So, that’s not to say that women are not as responsive to visual stimulants. But, women are also proven to be less vocal about it if they are. I hate to reinforce stereotypes like this, but facts are facts.

There’s a lot less attention paid to the other three senses, though they all play a huge role in sexual arousal. Smell, taste, and hearing, though less investigated, certainly are prevalent when it comes to turn ons. I’ll use myself as an example. I find myself extra aroused from getting tattoos, and for much more than the feeling. I feel like all my senses are on fire the minute I walk into a shop, before I’m even getting any work done. It’s the sound of the guns, and especially the smell of the ointments & everything. It just turns on everything sexual in my brain. So, arousal like this doesn’t necessarily need to be happening during or in the prelude to sex, but if we apply it that way, you can see how these things make a lot of sense. The smell of being close to someone: their skin, perhaps some perfume or deodorant, even the smell of sweat or genital secretions. For a lot of people, these are a huge part of the sort of body overload that leads to arousal. If we think more scientifically, pheromones are substances secreted by many female species during fertile periods. Its said that certain parts of the brain & the nose can pick up on these, leading to a sort of natural arousal.

Now, think about the sounds of sex. Well yeah, a lot of it is probably weird & maybe awkward, but there’s definitely some natural soundtrack happening. In addition to that, it’s extremely common to become more aroused by any moans your partner makes, or any words or “dirty” talk. To throw in a more sex positive/healthy/educational note, communication is also a turn on, Fangirls. For a lot of people, it’s important & arousing to hear that their partner is being satisfied. So, don’t be afraid to speak up & let it out.

Taste is something much less looked into than the other four senses, unfortunately. To me, it definitely seems like more of a societal thing to not discuss tastes of sex. But for many people, it’s clear that it’s a trigger for them. Though a lot of people might not speak up so much about it, a lot of people appreciate the taste of vaginal secretions & semen. Also, the taste of someones mouth while kissing them, or their skin. It’s likely something we don’t think about as often, but taste is definitely very present in sex & arousal.

Looking into & thinking more about sex & the senses is definitely, definitely interesting, Fangirls. It certainly gets you thinking about the impact of senses on you sexually. Though it’s very connected to your brains responses, a lot of it is also very based upon preference as well. Maybe next time your in the heat of things, you can get thinking more about your bodies responses to these more natural stimulants. But hopefully not too much, I don’t want to distract you from your nice sexy moment. Maybe afterward you can think about your senses.

Come to your senses, Fangirls! Be safe & have fun!


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