Henchgirl by Kristen Gudsnuk

Hey Fangirls!  Boston Comic Con was this past weekend, and we met a lovely lady named Kristen Gudsnuk who makes a comic called Henchgirl.


I read this comic as soon as I got back to where we were staying Saturday evening, and I was in love.  Henchgirl, also known as Mary Posa, works for a villain named Monsieur Butterfly, but she has a heart of gold.  The comic is about her life.


She has a couple misadventures, but is so kind.  She gives money to another henchperson so he can go home for his daughter’s birthday, and tries to help a superhero when he gets hurt.  The main thing the story concentrates on her working with the Mannequin to leak a story about a man who is swindling funding away from an orphanage.  They leak the info, but the Butterfly Gang is suspicious of who ruined the opportunity to make mad money.  They know Mannequin had something to do with it, so Mary forces him to come hide at her house.  That leads to some silly situations.

None more silly than when he wants to go to a book signing with some famous superheroes, and he finds out that they’re Mary’s parents.  The two of them, and Mary’s two roommates go out to dinner with her family, and Tina (one of the roommates) accidentally spills that Mary is a Henchgirl, and Mary’s mom destroys the restaurant.  Her relationship with her parents makes me sad, because they clearly don’t think she matters compared to her sister, but after the fire, there’s a moment between the sisters, and it gives me a little hope.  They act like they want to see each other more.

Eventually, the Butterfly Gang catches the Mannequin and destroys him.  Henchgirl works day and night to repair him, only to have the Butterfly Gang find out it was her who was the mole and worked with Mannequin to expose the orphanage plan.  They take her in for an attitude adjustment, and to be honest, it doesn’t look promising.


Fangirls, I loved this comic.  I forever love conventions, because I find all of these beautiful creators who do amazing things.  Kristen Gudsnuk is one of them.  She was ridiculously nice, and told us that it’s based on her life as someone who hates her job.  I loved the fun art style, unique covers, and Henchgirl’s body type.  It’s fun to read about a girl who reacts to things like a normal person.  It seems like she’s only working for the Butterfly Gang because it pays well, and I think that’s something a lot of people can relate to.

So go read Henchgirl, Fangirls!  You can start it online here, or you can order the physical comics here.  Check it out, and let me know what you think!




All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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