Rat Queens Issue 7

Every time I finish an issue I think to myself, well the shit can’t get any deeper than that, and you know what Fangirls? Every time I’m wrong.


This issue starts with Hannah doing something nice for someone she hates. She finds Bernadette with her messed up eyes, and takes her home, where Dee is talking to her husband, Khia, about how she has changed since she left home. Dee heals Bernadette, but says that she will be blind forever.


Khia brings some news from home, namely that the Haruspex Requiem has been stolen. The Haruspex Requiem is a mask that is worn by the high priests of their religion/cult. Guess who is wearing the Requiem now? Gerrig. He’s torturing Sawyer while people attack Lola and kill all of her friends. Gerrig turns Sawyer toward Palisade to show him how they all die. And though it isn’t expressly stated, I’m pretty sure that’s N’rygoth.

Hot damn, Fangirls. This book just gets better and better. I’m nervous about the TV show, and I hope that the Queens can take down N’rygoth with Khia’s help. I’m not ready for the series to end. As for Sawyer, I hope they free him. I like the little thing he and Hannah have, even though they bicker constantly.

Have you been keeping up with Rat Queens, Fangirls? How are you feeling about a giant tentacle monster appearing from the sky?



All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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