George Watsky’s All You Can Do

It’s here.  For the past couple of months, Watsky’s fans have been teased by his two song releases (Whoah Whoah Whoah and Ink Don’t Bleed) from his newest album All You Can Do.  This past Tuesday we were rewarded with the album release.


If you’ve been following the site for awhile, or you follow me on Twitter, then you know I am all about Watsky.  He’s got great word play, he’s clever, and he doesn’t look half bad.  So when my preorder of All You Can Do finished downloading, I was ready to scream.  I slapped on my headphones, put it on, and went for a walk.

I must have looked like the cockiest person out there, because his music gives me an attitude all the way into my walk.  It’s great.  As a whole, the album is lovely.  My favorites are The One, Sarajevo, and Whoah Whoah Whoah.  But really, all of it is fantastic.

I feel like there is less wordplay in this album than there has been in the past, which bums me out.  I love listening to his spoken word (Tiny Glowing Screens is fantastic and I will forever remember feeling him say it at his last concert I went to), and there was a lot less of that in All You Can Do.  But the music is so damn catchy and fun, and he gets some serious points across.  In Ink Don’t Bleed he talks critically about the music industry, and once again apologizes for injuring a fan.  I think it’s very important to hear that song, especially when he talks about other fans’ reactions to the injury he caused.

Whoah Whoah Whoah is fantastic because of his speed.  A big thing with Watsky is that he’s the pale kids who raps fast.  It’s also very addicting to listen to.  My First Stalker is a great song because he talks about how he’s a human, and it’s silly that he has a stalker.  The One is easily my favorite, because it’s funny and clever.  I was expecting more of the album to be more like it, but I’m definitely not disappointed.  I love Sarajevo because its so beautiful  It features Dia Frampton from Meg and Dia, and is just gorgeous.

I think the most important thing about this album is the amount of talented people he had work with him on it.  Out of the sixteen songs on All You Can Do, ten of them feature another artist.  And they all do an amazing job.  The whole thing flows beautifully, and it even loops well.  I’ve been listening to it exclusively since it came out.  I listen to it constantly.  The first thing I do in the mornings is put it on.  So please, Fangirls, check it out!

Also, Watsky is going on a huuuuge tour starting in September.  If anyone wants to go with me to the NYC show, let me know!




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