Batgirl: Wanted (Issues 23, 24, & 26)

Hello you high flying Fangirls! Last time, Barbara was dealing with the Ventriloquist (a psychopath who uses a puppet to kill), and the fact that she killed her brother. That’s a lot to think about. Plus she doesn’t feel worthy of the Bat symbol anymore, so she hasn’t been wearing it, and is giving up the name. Ouch. So let’s dive in to what she’s dealing with now; her father’s obsession with her arrest.


Commissioner Gordon is working his ass off, trying to find connections to Batgirl. He and Melody McKenna (she worked with Batgirl & Batwoman awhile back) go to see Charise Carnes, also known as Knightfall. McKenna doesn’t deal too well with the conversation, but Gordon is there on business. He wants the footage from the times Batgirl has been on Carnes’ property. She willingly obliges, but once he leaves, explains to her workers that he is still on their trail, and they must bring him down.

Next to interview on Gordon’s list is Ricky Gutierrez, the young man who Batgirl saved from Knightfall, and who is currently dating Barbara Gordon. As Gordon & McKenna are about to knock on the Gutierrez’s door, Ricky gets a call, saying that his brother is going to lose his face, literally, courtesy of the Sixty-Eight Kings (the same gents Ricky & Barbara ran into on their first date). Ricky calls Barbara to say goodbye, and heads out the window as Commissioner Gordon bangs on his door. McKenna is outside, expecting him to leave, and they get into an altercation; Ricky seems to be the only one to walk away from it.


He gets to the area where the Kings are keeping his brother (with some help from a masked Barbara), and the two of them stop the Kings from killing Ricky’s brother. Soon after, the police burst in. Ricky is aiming his gun at the gang leaders head, and even though Barbara dives to save him, Commissioner Gordon shoots him. She takes down a couple cops and heads home, where she naps for almost a full day.

Once she wakes up, she ignores the many calls from her father and heads to Gotham General, where Ricky is in a coma. She spends some time with his mother and then starts over to talk to her father. Commissioner Gordon is at home and drunk, upset about injuring his daughter’s boyfriend so gravely, when he gets some unexpected visitors. Knightfall’s men (and women) are there to kill Gordon, and make it look like gang bangers did it. As Barbara gets near his house, she realizes this, and agrees to don the cape and cowl one last time, to save her father.


She bursts in, much to everyone’s surprise, and she and the Commissioner work together to scare off the goons. But as Batgirl is about to leave, Gordon puts a gun to the back of her head, and tells her that she is under arrest. She reminds him of the situation that brought her to kill James Gordon Jr, and that it was completely necessary. She then removed the cowl, to try to show him that she is his daughter, but he refuses to look and tells her she is never welcome in his house, but he won’t arrest her yet.


The last two pages hold some surprises. On one of them, we see Charise talking to James Gordon Jr, and on the other, Helen (Ricky’s mom) calls Barbara to tell her that Ricky has come out of the coma. If I hadn’t been reading the Suicide Squad books, I would have been shocked to see James Gordon Jr still alive, but since I’ve kept up to date with those better, I already knew. It was good to see Ricky alive, though.

It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out. The final issues are out, but I’ll keep writing on the track I’m on. Since I skipped issue 25, that’s what you’ll be reading from me next time. I wanted to keep this storyline whole, and these covers together; they’re beautiful, aren’t they?! Like I said last time, I’m coming to enjoy Batgirl more and more, she’s getting darker, which may help us see where Bête Noir comes from, with the Future’s End book coming out. But until next time; keep reading!

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