Rose Bound!

Kayla-048Oh boy, I am less than one week away from heading off to my second year at The College of Saint Rose! Time flies by so fast it seems. Anyway, there are a lot of cools things that are coming up that I really need to be careful not to spend too much money on. 

I’ve budgeted myself $20 every week to just spend on whatever I want. This includes comics, but here is the problem: all of the comics I was reading last semester are now several months ahead of me. Comics cost money, guys. $20 allows me to buy less than 10 comics a week! How will I survive!?

The good thing about a budget is that if you come in under budget one week, you have proportionately more to spend every other week after that! 

comicsI have to catch up on Forever Evil, which i suspect is probably now over. That is the main one I can think of, but I also have to catch up on Batman comics, Superman, Suberboy, and Supergirl, Sex Criminals, and countless others. 

As for video games, I plan to pay for them all before I go to school so I don’t spend too much and not be able to get them. I have to pay for Shadow of Mordor, Destiny, and Assassin’s Creed Unity. These are all games I am really pumped for so I cannot sacrifice any one of them for a whole semester! Luckily Evolve has been pushed back which, normally I wouldn’t be excited for, but money wise it helps me a lot!

48580As for actually going back to school, I am excited and apprehensive at the same time. Honestly a huge point of excitement is the local restaurants in Albany! Chicken Joe’s, Bombers, and Asian Place have been calling my name for far too long! I could tell you I am excited for my classes, but my mind immediately turns to the stress of the work that I will be expected to do and that is not a point of excitement. I am excited to get Starbucks when I want it with my meal plan and gorge myself when the dining hall has chicken nuggets. Funny how a lot of my excitement for school involves food.

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