Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Fangirls, to my delight last week, the Cosmos television series was add to Netflix. I had heard a bit about the show, and remembered seeing wild ads for it. Mostly, I just knew that it’s host is always part of some silly shit on Tumblr. So, I had to check it out. I didn’t know that I was getting into a totally mind blowing series that shows you some outrageous stuff.

Science has never been my strong point. It was always one of my worst subjects in school, and I was actually a year behind on it due to having to take one course twice. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t find this stuff interesting. If it’s delivered to me in the right way, I can find myself really engaged in learning about it. Which is exactly what this show does for me.

The show gets pretty silly, though, too. I can’t help but laugh at it sometimes. Neil DeGrasse Tyson travels all around the universe in the Ship of Imagination. His lines are always very dramatically delivered. It’s easy for me to giggle at a lot of it. But when they’re actually getting down to the facts, I’m totally sucked in. This show takes such an awesome approach to things. This Ship of Imagination brings you right in the middle of things. It can grow & shrink down to any level, show you the past & future.


As an extremely visual learner, I appreciate things like this. I appreciate being taken into the body of an animal so I can see on the molecular level how natural selection happens. I appreciate being slowly taken farther & farther away from our universe, to understand how small it really is. The way that they present all this stuff to you and take you right into it, it really helps your mind grasp it all so much better. I wish this could have existed when I was in school, especially in the class I had to take twice. There’s things in here that could have maybe helped me better understand what the fuck was going on.

But it’s still fun now to learn about all this stuff. Especially in such a fun & bizarre way. This show can be a real mind fuck. It really makes you reconsider a lot of what you thought about our universe, and what’s beyond it. It’s mostly made me reconsider the size of everything. It shows us where we are in the milky way, and how big that galaxy seems. But then, pans out to show all of the other hundreds of galaxies just like it. This universe is just so gigantic. The show also really puts time in perspective. In the first episode, they squeeze all the time since the birth of the universe onto one 12 month calender, and things get wild.


On this scale, each month represents about a billion years. So after going through other major events on the calender, we learn that life as we know and have learned about, only happens within the last seconds of December 31st. All the history we learn about, the origin of life & humans, it only takes up a few seconds of this giant cosmic calender. Woah.

This show is just a lot of fun to watch. It’s totally mind boggling. Some of the things they show you are just unbelievable. It’s not easy to come across a show that engaging. So you’ve just got to go watch it and experience a wild ride on the Ship of Imagination. You’ll get a good laugh out of the series too.


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