Music: Smooch Tunes Playlist

When I was early in my high school career, Fangirls, my best friend & I had a vision. As total music nerds, we often dreamed of ultimate playlists for every situation, and still do. We would go on road trips and make calculated playlists that would play down to the minutes of the drive. So, it was only right that we had been thinking up a playlist designed for some hot heavy petting make out sessions. There in our 15 year old brains, Smooch Tunes was born.

The good make out sessions required for the playlist wouldn’t really come for some time for us, but in time, we were able to utilize a hand crafted kissing playlist. We still revise & add to Smooch Tunes to this day, and just a few days ago we ended up making some great modifications of the playlist. Now, there’s actually a few different versions of the playlist. One that focuses more on slower, more passionate music, and others that focus more on a face paced down & dirty sort of style. I decided to pull together some of my favorites from the playlist concept as a whole, and make a more ultimate playlist for you all.

This exact playlist is just eight songs. There have been revisions that last a few hours, some just 30 minutes. For this, I chose my favorites, ones that are a sure bet of great make out soundtrack. It lasts about 40 minutes. It’s a mix of slower, more sensual sounding songs, and some of the more upbeat & intense ones. You can of course use this as a spring board for your own tunes to smooch to, and create one that better suits your tastes & cater it to your smoochin’.

Since I used Spotify to make this playlist, there’s a few different ways you can listen to this soundtrack. You can listen to it straight through, in the order that I placed the songs. It was pretty tough for me to choose an order for this songs. Some of the tracks are pretty different, and it was challenging for me to try to create a flow for them. If you choose to listen to it through the Spotify app (and don’t have Spotify Premium), the playlist will play more like a radio station. It will shuffle the songs, and will also add in some recommendations for you based on the other songs. That way is more of a gamble, but it’s also sort of fun that way. You can allow the songs to kind of guide your intimacy, with each song (especially the surprise recommendations) setting a new tone.

However Smooch Tunes is played is up to you, either way, I believe that it’s a great essential playlist to have. You don’t even have to use it for kisses, these are just all around great songs to have that I often listen to outside of the smooch zone as well.

So take a listen and pucker up, Fangirls!



All images and songs are copyright of their respective owners. 

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