Wonder Woman Issues 26-30

This series, Fangirls, is too great. Really. Every time I sit down to read it, I end up having to stop reading briefly because holy shoot it’s fantastic. Amazing. Just, wow. So I guess it’s time for a synopsis.


Milan has been captured by Cassandra, the ex-voice of god, and she is demanding that he tell her where First Born is. When Milan says he’d rather die then tell her, Wonder Woman steps in to tell Cassandra that first born is on Olympus. Milan tells Wonder Woman that it made him feel insignificant, and she looked really pained when he said that. Cassandra attaches a bomb to Milan’s chest, so Orion takes him to New Genesis, and that’s the last we hear from either of them.

While Wonder Woman is trying to help Milan, Strife convinces Zola to run away. She shows who has died, and how it’s all for her. So Zola runs off, straight into the arms of Dionysus. He tells her to come to France with him, where they can have truffles. In France, Dionysus turns his “friends” into pigs to hunt for truffles. Wonder Woman is starting a hunt of her own, with Artmeis, the moon.


By offering up a rematch with Artemis, and losing, Wonder Woman gets her to lead the hunt for Zola. Artemis is goddess of the hunt, so she is the best choice. But Artemis has one condition; Wonder Woman must grant her one wish, at a later date.

All this time, Apollo, the current king of Olympus and god of sun, has been torturing First Born atop Olympus. He breaks free and forces Apollo into suicide, so he thinks. What really happens, is Apollo uses the last of his strength to return Hera’s power to her. While Artemis, Diana, Hermes, and Hera are searching, Zola and Dionysus are trying to fend off Cassandra’s Minotaur. Dionysus is captured and told that he must bring Cassandra to Olympus so she can share it with First Born. Dio willingly takes her there in hopes that Apollo will strike her down.


Once on Olympus, almost everyone is disappointed. Cassandra finds out that First Born doesn’t believe in sharing, and Artemis learns of her brother’s death. But Hera is pumped about takin over the throne, and Wonder Woman finds Zola and Zeke, safe. That’s exciting. Hera moves Hermes, Wonder Woman, Zola, Zeke, and Dionysus to paradise island, where she shows Wonder Woman what she has done.

Or undone, rather. All of the amazons, except Hipolyta, have returned to their normal forms. Wonder Woman claims her right as God of War (Artemis wished it) and wants to lead the amazons to fight First Born and his acolytes. But the Amazons don’t trust Wonder Woman, nor do they trust Hera. And they definitely don’t want to follow them into war. So when Strife comes in and stirs the pot, we know it’s going to be bad.


I hate to say it, but there are only 3 more issues in this run. They’re all out, and I’ll be reviewing them when the time comes, but it makes me sad. So far, this run has been amazing. The fact that one writer did all 33 of these issues, and on one storyline, is amazing. They’re beautifully written and illustrated. I know that it changed Wonder Woman’s back story, but what followed it was well worth the strife in the beginning. If you haven’t read these books, check out at least the trades. They’re gorgeous.

But until next time, Fangirls, keep reading!

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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