Music: Kiesza


Holy cow, Fangirls. I get pretty picky about the more electronic or dance music that I like, but with Kiesza, I needed no convincing. This is one bad ass & incredible talent of a woman. Kiesza was classically trained in ballet, a trained code breaker in the Royal Canadian Army, and competed in the Miss Universe Canada pageant before she stumbled into brilliantly making music that makes us all dance like fools. This chick can do it all, but she especially makes incredible jams.

This woman is going to be huge. The world would be an idiot not to love her up. She delivers an excellent dose of her own eclectic mix of modern EDM and 90’s style R&B. I nearly cried I was so excited when I first heard her track “Hideaway”.

The song bounces & jams, it’s a powerhouse. That classic style beat, paired with Kiesza’s stunning & intense vocals, it’s such a treat. And the video is even more so.

This song is clearly an ultimate dance jam. And it’s off of a fantastic EP that Kiesza released earlier this year. After hearing “Hideaway”, it was only expected that the rest of the record would be sensational. It delivers us all sorts of great tunes. Not just high energy electronic stuff, but also slower grooves & intimate tales. “So Deep” is a sensual track that takes it’s sweet time. It’s a beautiful grind. The EP also features an incredible & striped down version of “What Is Love”. Yep. When I saw it on the track listing, I thought “No, it can’t be that song” Yes, Fangirls, it is that song. You’d think that the primarily electronic artists would take a dance song like that and put her own EDM twist on it. But, Kiesza takes a very different approach, and in that, she really gets across the density of the lyrics. The song is just her, a piano, some light & wispy strings, and those goddamn power house vocals of hers. It’s a very compelling cover that normally, I don’t think I would go for. I don’t usually go for the acoustic style covers, I think they’re predictable. However, something about Kiesza’s spin on this song tugs at me.

I’m bursting with curiosity & anticipation for what Kiesza will deliver us next. She’s only just begun. For now, I can endlessly rock to her amazing & unique flavor of dance music. She beautifully marries old & new and serves it to you on the prettiest goddamn platter you’ve ever seen. Go fall in love with this artist, Fangirls.

This one is yet another time that Kiesza proves me wrong about acoustic covers.



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