Place: Flying Saucer Pizza Company

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Fangirls! A few weeks back when Emily & I were in the Boston area for Boston Comic Con, we made the best decision ever. We decided to take the advice of my best friend who lives in the area to check out a pizza shop close by in Salem. Holy cow. Not only was the pizza at Flying Saucer incredible, the establishment itself was one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. If you’re looking for a great meal with a nerdtastic atmosphere where you don’t have to pay out the nose, the Flying Saucer is your dream destination.

This place has it all. It’s a mainly sci fi themed joint, with Star Wars, Star Trek & Doctor Who paraphernalia all over the damn place. However, they represent all sorts of fandoms. They’ve got a whole host of great disney & comic book stuff to suit your fancy as well. When we walked in, this is the first thing we saw drawn on the front counter. I knew immediately where I was; Heaven y’all.

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This place just has the absolute coolest atmosphere. The walls are covered in signed photos of actors & actresses & voice characters, which alone gives you enough stuff to oodle over while you’re there. They’ve also got super cool murals on the wall, a section of Doctor Who wonder, there’s always something to be looking at. It’s a Fangirl’s cross.

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And then, there’s the food. The menu, like the establishment itself, has a lot to look at. It’s got full menu of vegetarian of vegan options, and lets you know that they would love to accommodate any food allergies you’ve got. So, after looking through the menu for a while, Emily & I finally decided on our pizza. The Invader Zim with a wheat crust. The shop also offers a regular crust and an ever changing beer dough crust. Our pizza was from there vegetarian selection. It had pesto, goat cheese, broccoli, asparagus, and balsamic reduction. It’s deliciousness was unreal, Fangirls.

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I have no doubt that any pizza you decided on will be extra tasty. They also have a wide selection of beers that Emily carefully chose a Wachusett’s blueberry beer. It smelled great, and she informed me that it was, in fact, fucking delicious.

photo 3 (3)

As we learned on our way out, Flying Saucer also does delivery in the area by way of this adorable bike. If the delicious pizza isn’t enough to draw it to you, this bike caddy has to convince you.

photo 5 (2)


And finally, though I’ve given you plenty of reasons to visit & love this place, my final point is probably the best. This restaurant has a mascot, that is a Space Pug. His name is Charlie. So.

photo 1 (4)


Please, please, please check out this pizza shop if you find yourself in the Boston area, Fangirls. You will love it and have fun and leave happy and with full bellies.

So go! Now! Eat pizza! Be nerdy!


Flying Saucer Pizza Company
118 Washington Street, Salem MA 01970


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