Appdicted: Taasky

image_6 (3)I love to make lists, Fangirls. They help sort my brain and all the things it has to do. Notes on my phone or that built in Reminders app are easily jumbled for me, though. It’s easy for my lists to get messy, which doesn’t at all help with productivity. Which is why Taasky is the best thing ever.

It’s clean and organized, is equipped with a few different ways to remind you, and is color coded. It’s incredibly easy to use and has a few little features made to make sure you get stuff done on time. I love it.

Taasky works with different lists that you organize yourself. It starts out with a few ones made for you, but through the settings you can adjust that. You can easy add it delete lists, and change the color that there filed under. For now, I’ve stuck with the ones it gave me, though I deleted the friends list.

image_4 (8)If I’m to click on one of these, let’s say Work, I’ll see my list of things to do. You’ll notice that Write Appdicted is larger than the others. With this app, you can set priority to things to remind yourself which needs to get don’t before the rest. In a few minutes I can delete that one of my list.

image (9)To add something new to a list, you drag down. As you see in the above picture, it creates a little place for you to enter your reminders information. When entering a new to do, the app asks for what it is, what to file it under, when you need to be reminded, and when it’s due. It’s quite helpful to have it all write in front of you like that.

image_2 (8)From your home page, you can see all your tasks at once. The color will be flagged on the side, and they’ll be ranked by due date if you have one set for them.

image_3 (8)This is the kind of app I can’t help but appreciate. It’s so helpful & organized, it’s what ever to-doer needs. It’s got pleasant reminder noises, and you can also sync it to your phone’s calendar. This app has it all. It helps you get shit done. It does exactly what it sets out to do. And for that, I’m in love.

Check it out, Fangirls. Not only is the app awesome, it’s free too. So get to downloading!



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