Black Canary and Zatanna: Bloodspell Part I


Oh, Fangirls, I’ve been waiting long while to read this book since it came out a few months ago. Unfortunately, I have to budget my trade and graphic novels purchases. But finally, the Black Canary / Zatanna team up book is in my possession. Somehow, it’s even better than I expected, dudes. It’s hilarious, intense, and full of these two kicking serious butt. They’re one hell of a team, Fangirls.

This book is putting together a lot of things that I like to read in comics. I like when a good dose of humor is put into things. I like when superheros can kind of laugh and themselves and their colleagues a bit. But, I also like reality and intensity. This book delivers all of that along with beautiful illustration and solid writing. I’m on board with all of this book, Fangirls.

We open learning about the origin of Zatanna and her friendship with Dinah (Canary). Zatara Zatanna was a student of sorcery, and was on Mount Everest for her sort of rite of passage test. There, she met Dinah Lance, who had climbed the mountain, just to see if she could. They had a sassy encounter, and went on their way. But their friendship continued on for ten years, which brings us to present day.


Dinah has been undercover with a small little gang of women. They seem to be con women of sorts. When we meet up with them, they’re taking a blood oath, getting ready to take down a casino in Vegas. The leader of the group, Tina, goes rogue and changes the plan to get the others killed and steal a whole lot of stuff from the casino’s owner. But, Canary catches her before that can happen. Well, sort of. They have a wild fight, and Tina gets away. However, she remains very present in Dinah’s life in the coming days.

BLKCZAT-OGN-dylux-19-copy-1a69fOne of the women who was in the group commits suicide, leaving a mysterious note talking about her “betrayal” to Tina. Not long after that, one of the other’s calls Dinah telling her she’s about to jump off a ferry. Dinah tries to save her, but is too late. The woman seems to be in a trance. Then, another drops too. She was discovered by Dinah & Oliver when they went to her house to speak with her about everything. They found her drowned in the pool, full of a whole house worth of a appliances. On her arm, they saw a weird sort of tattoo that looked like some dark magic bad news. Dinah knew just who to call to figure out what was going on.

Enter Zatanna! Dinah shows her all of the evidence from the situation; weird medallions and whatnot that Zatanna assures her are phony props that don’t hold any real power. When Dinah shows her the picture of the tattoo, she says that could hold some sorcery. Then, Dinah tells her about the “loyalty oath” Tina had them all take, and she freezes. Literally, she freezes time. This stuff is bad news. Zee informs us that this was no gang loyalty stuff, this was a dangerously strong bloodspell. It’s nothing to be taken lightly, and undoing it takes some power, and some informational help from Zee’s father. She calls upon him, and he teaches us about the power of bloodspells. And of course, urges that they need to catch Tina and take her down.

Much easier said than done. This leaves us about halfway through the book, and I think a pretty intense place to leave off. I want to keep you all waiting for next week, when I’ll be back to conclude the review of the book. But so far, I can tell you that I’m in love with it. The relationship between Zatanna and Black Canary delights me, and leaves me giggling. But, I can also see how they will make one kick ass team in the second part of this book. I was also happy to see Green Arrow in this book, and some changes in the dynamics of his relationship with Canary. He’s always seen taking the lead in their relationship and when they team up, but now, Canary is totally taking charge, and I love it. She also calls him a bastard for not cuddling her after sex, and it made me giggle.

Absolutely pick up this book, Fangirls. It’s full of humor and bad ass ladies, a winning combination. It’s beautiful and lovely to read, my only criticism is to myself, for not buying it sooner.


All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 


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