(Pre) Small Press Expo

FANGIRLS. SPX is this weekend, are you ready?


I hope you are, because I’m not.  I keep looking at my empty bag, waiting to be packed.  That’s a thing I need to do tonight.  Or have done last week.  Either way, it’ll be done.  Natalie and I will be driving down to Bethesda, MD Saturday morning (it’s like a 6 hour drive and we don’t need sleep) for what looks to be one of the raddest conventions out there, the Small Press Expo!

I found out about SPX by lurking the Super Art Fight twitter after seeing them for the first time at ConnectiCon 2013.  If they said something about a great convention, I wanted to go.  Since SAF is based in Maryland, guess where a lot of the conventions they go to are?  Maryland.  I was lucky enough to go down there to hang with a rad dude a couple weeks ago, but that was the first time I had ever been to MD, other than driving through it to go to Disney.  It was a bit dreary, but who goes outside anyways?  So I’m really excited to see what the art scene is like down there with Small Press Expo.


So unlike the other cons I’ve been to, SPX is about independent creators.  So let’s throw Marvel, DC, and all of those big names out the window, and feature the artists who self publish.  And I’m so excited.  A couple names popped off the list for me; Michael “SpaghettiKiss” Bracco, Alex “The Dudeler” Kazanas, and Jamies “The Zen Master” Noguchi are Art Fighters on the list to table at SPX.  There’s also Monica Gallagher, artist behind Glitter Kiss and Bonnie n. Collide Nine to Five.  And Jesse Lonergan (who has a rad print of Batman doing a kick flip).  And so many more.

If you’re going to SPX this weekend, I hope to meet you and high five or hug you, whichever is better for you.  If you’re considering it, tickets will be available at the door.  Saturday is $15, Sunday is $10, or you can spend the whole weekend there for only $20!

I’m really excited about going because it’s a convention that puts the spotlight on independent creators; people who do all of their own legwork and everything.  They deserve the limelight.  We hope to see you there!





All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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