Music: August / September Jams Playlist

Fangirls! At the end of one month, as the next is beginning, I like to make a playlist of all the music I’ve discovered and been most into over the last month. It makes things easier and more enjoyable, because I can easily access the stuff I want to be listening to, and rock out to it all all at once. Plus, I really enjoy making playlists. It occurred to me that I’ve never shared one of these playlists with you guys, and I figured that now is as good of a time as any. Especially because I feel like my playlist for August & September s pretty damn good one.

It’s definitely a more dancey one. I’ve been listening to a lot of more electronic, r&b pop music the last few weeks, and I’m having fun doing so. A lot of these tracks are feel good jams, that certainly have been helping me get up in the morning. Songs like Kiesza‘s “Hideway”, two tracks from Mapei, and Beyonce’s “Partition”. Of course, there’s some slower songs on there too, and some more punk rock sort of songs. I give a nod to rediscovering my obsession with PJ Harvey, and I added in a Broken Social Scene song off of their self titled album, which I’ve been visiting quite often. Though it’s clear what I’ve been into recently, I think there’s something in this playlist for everyone to rock out to through out this month.

Enjoy, Fangirls! I hope to delight in all these tasty tunes as much as I have been over the last few weeks. I’m ‘gonna dance September away.


All images and songs are copyright of their respective owners. 

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