DIY: Wonder Woman Cuffs & Headband

Hey Fangirls!  If you’ve been following my twitter, you know that I decided very late in the game to do a couple cosplays for New York Comic Con next month.  One of the cosplays I’m really excited to do is Wonder Woman.


I decided to do a Wonder Woman cosplay when Jimmy Palmiotti told me (at Boston Comic Con) that I look like Diana Prince, Wonder Woman’s alter ego.  I was super honored, because Wonder Woman is this incredibly powerful and beautiful, and here was the writer of one of my favorite comics (Harley Quinn) telling me that I looked like her?  Hell yeah!  So I started with modifying a pair of very silly pants into Wonder Woman’s skirt.  Then I went to start on the cuffs and tiara, but I had a lot of issues finding any YouTube videos on how to make them.  So I want to share with any Fangirls out there who feel like making her accessories!


The first thing I did was grab some craft foam.  I had a ton because I wanted to make armor out of it, but I got intimidated by the idea of molding them.  So I had a big package of it just laying about.  With my craft foam, I measured how big around and tall I needed the cuffs to be (make sure they go more than all the way around your arm), and drew them on.  I also sketched out the tiara (the tiara doesn’t go all of the way around my head, I’ll get to how you attach it), and then cut them all out.


Next I got some metallic gold fabric.  I was a bit unsure as to what would work to look kind of like metal, but could be used with the foam well, so I asked the people at my local JoAnne’s Fabrics.  They have been crazy helpful with all of these cosplay endeavors I’ve been asking them about, so I recommend asking at your local craft store when you need help.  They’ve seen all sorts of projects come in, and are very knowledgeable.  Anyways, I ended up with a gold satin.  I bought about a yard of it (my plan was to make one Wonder Woman cosplay, but I’ve got two in the works because I had extra of the fabric).  At home, I cut the fabric a couple inches bigger than the foam.


Then I did a lot of gluing.  I’m not a very patient person, so this was hard.  I think my lack of patience has something to do with why I’ve been working on 3 cosplays simultaneously, but I’m enjoying it.  I started at the top of the tiara, and worked my way down both sides.  That way I didn’t pull it too far from one side or the other.  I put the hot glue on the foam, not the fabric.  Then I held it down for a bit and moved on to the next part.  I did the same for the cuffs; cut the fabric bigger than the foam, folded it over, and hot glued it down.


After that I needed to take another trip to JoAnne’s; I had no clue what to use for the red stars on her accessories.  They suggested sparkly red craft foam.  On the non-sparkly side, I drew stars of all different sizes.  I used an xacto knife to cut them out (I made more than I needed in case they weren’t as good as I wanted).  I found out that drawing stars isn’t my strong point, so some of them are a bit goofy, but I think they work just fine.  I glued the big one to the center of the tiara, and two smaller ones to the cuffs.  Then I realized that I needed to be able to attach them somehow.


For the tiara, I used gold ribbon and measured it 3 times around my head.  I threaded it through a giant needle and shoved it through each of the ends.  Half of the ribbon goes under my hair and ties, the other half sits just under the tiara.  I used the same massive needle to lace the cuffs in a corset style.  The ribbon I bought isn’t the most comfortable, but it doesn’t rub on my skin too much, so that’s alright.

so that’s how I made some pretty okay Wonder Woman cuffs and tiara!  I’m trying to work on a belt as well, and that’s a bit more confusing, but I’m getting there.  Are you Fangirls working on any cosplays for NYCC?




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5 thoughts on “DIY: Wonder Woman Cuffs & Headband

    • ha! Wonder Woman has had many designs over the years. Granted, a majority DO have silver cuffs, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman as well as the newest design in the current comic continuity have gold. Mecha Wonder Woman in the game Infinite Crisis has golden cuffs, and so does Greek Goddess Wonder Woman in the same game. For a character with such a lengthy history, I am positive this is not an exhaustive list.

      However, even if there weren’t any versions with golden cuffs, truly a coloring mistake doesn’t make someone a bad fan. Heck, when Wonder Woman was in the New 52 Superboy comics, though she was beautifully drawn, her boots were the wrong color! They were red instead of blue. Even the professionals make errors with colors, and frankly if you are so bitter over this YOU are the bad fan. Don’t invalidate someone else as a fan simply because of one mistake over the canon. We’re all in this together, so no need to turn everything into a fight!

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