Harley Quinn Issues 8 – 10

This girl knows how to go on some misadventures, doesn’t she?


It’s a cliché for sure, but Harley’s at it again, and I’m quite alright with it. She starts in a pawn shop, trying to get rid of the rings she nabbed with Sy Borgman awhile back. Sadly they’ve been reported as stolen, so she can’t get too much for them. She cuts a deal with the owner and takes down some thugs in exchange for a larger prize.

Some of that money goes right to some mystery contraption Big Tony is building for her, and Harley heads to a roller derby bout. Big Bertha Bensonhurts gives her a solid smack, and takes her out of the game. But Harley won’t stand for that! She grabs her trusty hammer and teaches Bertha about croquet! That does get Harley fired from the team, but only after Summer gives her an address for a skate club.


Harley heads home, and goes to the unveiling picnic for Big Tony’s secret contraption. Everyone is surprised to find out that it’s a scatapult: a catapult for all of the animal poo that’s coming from the floor full of animals. They start flinging poop and it ends up in some wild places. When Harley goes down to scoop some more “ammo,” she’s attacked by another person trying to collect the money on her head. She explains that the hit has been removed, but he doesn’t believe her. He gets hog-tied by one of her friends, and ends up on the scatapult himself. His end is even messier.


Next up, Harley is helping out with a burlesque show, to make up for the one she ruined, and accidentally starts another riot. When she gets arrested, the cop is not a normal one, in fact he isn’t a cop at all! His name is Ed, and he’s Harley Quinn’s biggest fan. He takes her back to his place (which is filled with Harley memorabilia), pops her in a cage, and they get to chatting.


She frees herself, and finds some stuff out about him. She explains that his level of obsession is dangerous, and she should know. She gets him taken away, and heads down to his basement to take care of some dudes who we’re objectifying her at Ed’s comic shop. She tells them not to be so pervy, and heads out to skate club.

At skate club, she finds out there are no rules, and that is cause for celebration.  But her opponent?  Not so much.  The giantess they pit Harley against puts some serious hurt on Harls, even knocking her out, before being declared winner.  Harley and Sy (there to pick up the pieces if necessary) aren’t okay with the loss, so they take matters into their own hands.  Sy gives Harley some special toothpaste from his spy days.  She uses it on the monstrous lady and boom goes her tummy!  Harley ends up disqualified, but she, Sy, and the girls go out for a bite.  They go skinny dipping, and everyone but Harley heads home.

Harley is stargazing and something is rocketing towards her.  It lands, creating a gigantic crater, and when Harley peeks in, she finds a lady.  Not just any lady, but Power Girl!  The issue ends there, but we got a little preview of what happens at Boston Comic Con.  Palmiotti mentioned that Power Girl loses her memory, and Harley convinces her that the two of them are a crime fighting duo!  Hilarity ensues.


That’s about it for our girl now.  Next up is her Future’s End comic, set five years into the future, where she’s marrying the Joker.  According to Amanda Conner, it definitely doesn’t go as planned, and Harley’s reaction is appropriate.





All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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