I seem to have never let on much to my life on YouTube, Fangirls, but now seems to be the time. Usually on Tuesdays, I write about a movie and occasionally a television show. Somehow, I have never thought to discuss my love for YouTube and the many channels I fall in love with. YouTube is something I put a lot of time into, and this past month, I’ve put a good chunk of that time into purging on a channel I found not long ago. If you’re familiar with the a capella group Pentatonix, you’re familiar with Scott Hoying & Mitch Grassi. What you may not know as well is their hilarious YouTube channel and side project, SUPERFRUIT. These two have had be hunch over my laptop in stitches with their outrageous weekly videos.

YouTube was really where my Fangirling began as a youth in middle school, when YouTube was first born in 2005. I hate to sound like “that guy”, but I’ve really been with YouTube from the beginning. It’s become a huge part of my life. After returning to the site many times over a few years, (when my dial up internet connection permitted) I made an account where I soon began subscribing to dozens of channels. Since then, I’ve had to abandon that channel due to login complications when YouTube switched over to being directly linked to Google. I’ll be honest, it was emotional for me to leave that channel behind, I spent many lonely teenage hours watching people I grew to admire through that channel, and felt an odd sentimental connection to it. But, I made a new channel where I’ve grown to hold that same relationship, and now have an ever growing list of subscriptions. Including, but most certainly not limited to, Superfruit.

I had watched Pentatonix in their climb to fame on the Sing Off show, wherein acapella groups competed. Pentatonix slayed the scene and continued to delight me once the show was over. But where I’ve really gotten my kicks, is member’s Scott & Mitch’s YouTube channel. These two best friends make some of the most entertaining content currently on my feed. They put out a new video every Tuesday, and I light up like a goddamn Christmas tree every time I see that a new one has arrived.

The two make an array of different sorts of things, however, it’s always the two of them, sitting & being silly. They do a lot of hilarious challenge & tag videos, like the currently popular whisper challenge, and a lot of challenges they invent themselves. Just a week or so ago, they made a video doing what they call the Pokemon Pictionary challenge, which I found particularly hilarious.

Another favorite game of mine that they played together was the Karaoke Game. Since the two are profoundly talented, they add a heaping dose of singing & jamming to their videos. This makes for even more enjoyable content. They’re musical prowess is on full display in this silly video, where fans on twitter gave them songs to sing, and they had to sing as far into the song as they could before they forgot the lyrics. Hilarity & musical goodness ensues.

Speaking of their incredible musical skills, Scott & Mitch also occasionally post videos solely of them performing various songs, usually in the form of amazing mash ups. I love their Miley Cyrus video, but here’s their golden tribute to Queen Bey and her newest album.

The pair also end their videos with something I look forward to almost more than the video itself. Each week, they let us in on their weekly obsession and a song they’ve picked to share for the week. The songs are usually something they’ve been obsessing over and they spend a few minutes gushing over the track. I enjoy it so much. It gives me more stuff to listen to, which I always appreciate, but I also just adore listening to music lovers talk about what they’re most into. It puts a big ol smile on my face.

Each week, the videos of Superfruit bring me an immense pleasure. I have no doubt they’ll do the same for you if you have yet to subscribe to their channel. Get to watching, Fangirls! After you’re stunned by the talent of these men, you’ll be rolling on the floor with laughter.

All images and videos are copyright of their respective owners.


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