Supernatural New Jersey Experience 2014

Hey guys! Last weekend was creation entertainment’s Salute To Supernatural Convention in Whippany, NJ! I’m pretty much going to just tell you guys all about my experience at the convention. 

Here we go! So it all started Thursday. Thursday was my first day of school, and after classes were over I went straight from my school in Upstate NY all the way to the Newark airport to pick up my friends Mari and Alyssa, who have been my friends for nearly 2 years. We had never met at all until last week, including about 15 other friends we met on Twitter but never in real life,  which is why this trip was so important to all of us. Walking into that airport was so exhilarating, and I have never been so nervous in my entire life. Meeting internet friends is so amazing because it feels like you’ve known each other for ages, but the new connection of being able to talk face to face is so refreshing.Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 1.37.19 PM

We went back to the hotel and got checked in, and then shortly after we met with our friend Danielle, who I had met before but they had not. We all went to Friendly’s for dinner where we all got better acquainted before settling in for the night. Later we got our passes for the actual convention (which started Friday morning) and we played a few card games before hitting the hay excited for Friday to begin. On Friday morning we were so excited to see our other friends, most being Katie, our best friend and astonishing artist.

Friday when everyone got to the hotel and got settled, we all ate in the irish pub inside of the hotel. Having everyone together almost brought tears to my eyes, but knowing we only had an amazing experience like this in numbered days was breaking my heart. We went to the panels of the day which included seeing the love of my life Richard Speight Jr, and Rob Benedict with his band Louden Swain, whose music and friendship has saved me in dark places more times than I can count.

Now here’s where we get to the fun part; autographs with Osric Chau (Kevin on the show). He is so unbelievably amazing and sweet. We ordered pizza and sat in the convention room while we were waiting for karaoke to start.  We played this game our friend Michelle had on her phone where you would put the phone to your forehead and it would show everyone a word and you had to guess it? I did the superhero category and my friend Katie had said “Harry Potter and the Chamber of ___” and I had totally blanked out and yelled “Scott Summers.” Do not ask why I thought that was the correct answer there but it was so funny in the moment. While everyone was playing and having a grand time me and Michelle decided we were going to sign the 6 of us up for karaoke, because Katie’s favorite bands are The Backstreet Boys and Hanson. We snuck out and we caught the DJ just before he left, and he was nice enough to unpack all of his stuff to let up sign up to get a chance to sing with all of the guys. he told us, “This is a great song, I really hope it comes up tonight.” Then we went back and told the girls we had signed us up, under “Katie and Krew” and that we put our song as Mmmbop by Hanson because it kind of signified us as a group. Since we put our card in so late we weren’t expecting to go up. Karaoke consisted of Matt Cohen stripping for charity, which I didn’t mind at all. I even got in selfies with Rob Benedict and Matt Cohen from when he took my friends phones because we were so close to the stage!

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 1.21.45 PM

Me and the third Alyssa in our group left briefly to get our photo op with Matt and Richard, where I asked if we could all pick Richard up for the simply jealous fact that I wanted to touch his legs. They felt really nice. as soon as that was over and we we’re trying to finagle our way back to the front with the rest of our group, the previous song ends and we see up on the huge screen in red letters: “Katie and Krew.” Katie, Mari, Alyssa & Alyssa, Michelle, Tiffany, and myself all looked at each other and smiled at each other before cutting through the crowd to get up on stage. The only thing going through my mind was “holy shit holy shit I AM CURRENTLY STANDING ON STAGE ABOUT TO SING WITH 4 OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE IN MY LIFE.”  There must have been about 300-400 people in the crowd and we were all up on stage singing in front of them, and it would’ve been the scariest thing in the world if it hadn’t been for me Mari and Matt Cohen all singing into the same microphone with his arms around us. Richard was also standing right in front of me so I took the opportunity to take this beautiful photo that has been my phones background since it happened.

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 1.22.58 PM

We sang with the guys and then we all went back into the hotel room to retire after a long night of singing until our voices died and having probably the best experience of our entire lives together. Saturday we meet Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard (who happens to scare the living hell out of me). So first off it was Mark’s panel, and my friend Tiffany loves him probably more than I love Remy Lebeau, which says a lot. He was walking around during his panel while he was answering questions but for some reason it seemed like he never came near us. and Me, Tiffany, Alyssa & Alyssa we’re just getting to talk about that when suddenly I see Mark approaching us. Tiffany went still as a stone and we all stopped breathing hoping he would just walk right by us and we could just think “holy shit Mark looks so great up close.” And as we were all sitting there trying to not move or be noticed he came right up to the four of us, leaned over and looked all of us eye to eye and whispered “Don’t forget to breathe,” and then kept walking. Tiffany started crying and we all we’re freaking out.

After the panel was over me and Mari went to get our Mark Sheppard Photo op, where we asked for a hug and he says “hold tight.” so we took the photo and as me and Mari went to walk away Mark pulled us extremely close and yelled “NO! TIGHTER!” and we took a second picture. That had really made me so nervous but it was so funny. We were in our hotel room, on the 5th floor, when we got a text saying “Mark is at the desk checking into the hotel!” and we all sprinted down the hall and took the elevator down and got to see Mark before he walked away. we did the same thing with Misha later in the day and got locked out of our hotel room. Damn Misha Collins.

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 1.21.27 PM

THEN HOLY CRAP MISHA’S PANEL WAS NEXT. We were all so nervous and he walked around as well and the whole entire time it was like “don’t cry but Misha Collins is standing right next to you.” Also In this photo you can see Katie pointing at Misha and looking like she’ about to die.

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 1.22.43 PM

Me and Alyssa had photos with Matt Cohen and Richard Speight Jr., and for Richard’s we had Rich hugging Alyssa and me hugging Rich which was so adorable, and then for Matt’s, we actually picked him up. He wasn’t sure we could lift him but his face when he just pulled him up so easily was so funny.

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 2.43.45 PM

Later saturday night was the Cabaret where Louden Swain preformed and Mark Sheppard joined and played the drums, as well as Osric Chau and Gil McKinney doing solo songs. Richard Speight Jr. even sang a song, which of course I record while crying through the entire thing. That pretty much concludes Saturday, and then Sunday was the last day but that isn’t much of a story.

Jared and Jensen appeared sunday as well as the amazing (and super hot) Alaina Huffman. On sunday morning me and Mari walked down to get breakfast and we saw Jared and Jensen, and Jared winked at us. I gave my pass to my friend Katie to see the Sunday panels and me and Mari hung out in the hotel lobby all day. me Mari and Alyssa went back to my house Sunday night and I brought them to the airport Monday, and that was probably the saddest thing that I’ve ever done.  so there’s everything pretty much. meeting my friends for the first time was such an amazing experience and I hope you all get to do something similar because it’s truly amazing.

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 1.21.56 PM







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