Small Press Expo

Wow, Fangirls.  This was easily the most amazing show I’ve ever been to.


Natalie and I left at 5am from Ballston Lake, NY, to make the drive down to Bethesda, MD for Small Press Expo last Saturday.  It was about 12:30 when we finally arrived, and picked up our badges.  When I walked into the single room the Expo was in, I was instantly overwhelmed.  My first thought was “we should find the art fighters!”  So we sought out Michael Bracco, Ross Nover, Jamie Noguchi, and Alex Kazanas.  It was fantastic seeing them, but the show was so big, there was way more to see. After a warning from Noguchi, “lock up your wallet; your money is going to fly away from you,” we started to peruse the rest of the show floor.


He was right, Fangirls.  If you go to SPX next year (which you really should), save for it.  I didn’t save up beforehand, and spent around $300.  So plan and budget.  But there was just so many amazing things!  I’m really glad I picked up cards, because I couldn’t afford all of the stuff I wanted, so I can look them up and spend money on them later.  I’m really happy with my haul, but really if I could have bought one thing from each person, I would have.


The entire weekend was spent wandering the show floor.  We didn’t go to any panels, but they were available for anyone who wanted to go to them.  I was overwhelmed the entire time, by the sheer amount of talented creators there were.


Fangirls, I have never been to something like Small Press Expo.  It was full of the most beautiful and stylish people, and the most creative and unique art and books.  I am still overwhelmed by how amazing it was.  We met artists who are so passionate about their work, and they just want to share it with everyone.  The work there is passion projects; people’s babies.  They aren’t making these projects because DC, Marvel, or some other publisher is breathing down their necks to make it.  They’re creating because it is what they love, and that is so inspiring.

Plus look at this rad food map that Yao Xiao did to help patrons find tasty food!
Plus look at this rad food map that Yao Xiao did to help patrons find tasty food!

I will definitely be going more in depth with the books that I bought in their own reviews, but here are the artists I picked up cards from, with a link to their website:

Dorshak Bloch
Yao Xiao
The Rabbit Hero
Alex Kazanas
Joe Carabeo
M.R. Trower
S. Dottie Schuda
Manuela Saenez
Liz Prince
The Devil & Mr. Ghandhi
Andy K.
Feifei Ruan
Andrea Kalfas
Elliot Baggott
Stephanie Zuppo
Reilly Hadden
Carlisle Robinson
Lucy Bellwood
Laura Terry
Shanti Rittgers
Samantha Kyle
Mike Riley
Melanie Gillman
Vym: The Drag Magazine
Amelia Onorato
Erin Curry
Joyana McDiarmid
Miranda Harmon
Sally Cantirino
F. Lee
R.M. Rhodes
Carolyn Belefski
Jim Coon
Hana Doki Kira
Kelly Phillips
Dirty Diamonds
Carey Pietsch
Claire Folkman
Rachel Dukes
Mike Luckas
Lizzee Solomon
Maggie Lynn Negrete
Whit Taylor
Holli Mintzer
Yuko Ota
Lauren Moran
Ann Coddou
Monica Gallagher
Shawn Eisenach
Cartozia Tales
The Tale of Tamarind
Sasha Steinberg
April Malig
G.E. Gallas
Radiator Comics
Michael Bracco
Ross Nover
Jamie Noguchi
Dave Mercier
Arlin Ortiz
Telegraph Gallery
Joel Christian Gill
Danielle Corsetto
Greg Kletsel


And Fangirls, these folks are amazing.  Check out how lovely they are on their websites, follow their twitters, and give them love.  They deserve it.  And if you’re considering going to Small Press expo next year; just do it.  We’ll see you there!





All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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