Catwoman Issues 27 – 34

Catwoman’s Future’s End comic comes out this Wednesday, so we’re going to play some serious catch up today.


Issues 27 and 28 are from the bizarre Gothtopia thing that took over the Gotham character’s comics for a couple issues.  I’m not a huge fan of the idea; a lot of people seem to think that everything is peachy keen in Gotham, the only problem is people keep committing suicide.  Selina Kyle works at a suicide hotline, and it’s her job to talk people down.  When she isn’t there, she’s cavorting around the city as Catbird, Batman’s sidekick.  Of course there are breaks so they can get their smooch on.  After awhile, Selina starts to notice things from her old real life haunting her; nightmares about Catwoman, her suit coming out of the trash, and accidentally stealing stuff.  She fights with herself, and vows never to return to her life as Catwoman.  That also happened in Batgirl; Barbara decided to give up the cowl after killing her brother.  Of course, both of them are wrong, and they take the mantles back up quickly, but It’s sad to see characters doubting themselves to that point.


Issue 29 features Catwoman at a gala, to steal, of course!  it’s a celebration and goodbye party; Taylor Pharmaceuticals has been bought by Waynetech, and it’s Catwoman’s job to nab both a steroid and chemotherapy drug.  She does, but something trips an alarm, and she’s forced to skedaddle in a less than smooth fashion.  She gets the chemo drug to the gent who put her up to it, explaining that the steroid was used on one of her attackers.  Her buyer, Batman, explains that he tripped the alarm to make sure that they noticed the chemo drug being stolen.  He didn’t want Taylor Pharmaceuticals working on such dangerous steroids, just positive medicine.


Issues 30 through 33 follow Catwoman in a race of thieves.  She is invited by Roulette, a mastermind thief, to race against multiple other criminals to get the highest score, and eventually survive an actual race.  Throughout the issues, Catwoman is working to help a young lady clear her family’s name, while trying to survive the tasks set by Roulette.  At the end of the run, we find out that the race isn’t actually a race, but a gaslight.  Roulette has set everything up so Catwoman actually thinks that she is possibly one of the world’s best thieves, but she’s just messing with her.  When Alice Tesla and Gwen explain this to Catwoman, she gets extremely upset, and finds out all that she can about Roulette.  She learns that Roulette is very obsessive about her timing and routine, so Catwoman gaslights her.  She adds weight to her exercise machine, puts an attack droid in her pool, and changes her driver (along with other things).  She even comes right out and tells Roulette not to try this nonsense again because she clearly knows how she works.  Catwoman is one badass lady, that is for sure.


Issue 34 is fantastic, Fangirls.  Catwoman and Alice Tesla (her shut in techie) go out in search of a new safehouse, but Tesla lures them to her digital nemesis Cyberius’ house.  There he traps them and has a code-off with Tesla.  Catwoman tries to show Tesla that low tech is better than high tech, but is proven wrong when they get back to Tesla’s house and she has done amazing things.  While she was coding a monster to kick Cyberius’ ass, she also swiped all of his data, including some he stole from her, and whipped his hard drive.  Women coding well is lovely, and seeing it brought into comics was great.  I really enjoy Alice Tesla, and am glad that we’re seeing more of her life.


Well, we’re all caught up, and I’m still loving Catwoman.  This week with Future’s End, Rachel Dodson is taking over as writer, and will be continuing Catwoman with her new role as Gotham’s crime kingpin.  From what I’ve read, this new run should be fantastic; she runs crime, but a new Catwoman has surfaced!  I’m ready.  Plus she looks fantastic in a pantsuit.  Are you Fangirls excited to see Catwoman move forward in her crimes and onto the next big thing?





All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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