Power Girl: Power Trip

When I first saw Power Girl, I was disgusted.  She looks like the epitome of fan service: giant boobs and minimal clothing.  But back at Boston Comic Con, in the Q & A session with Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, a question came up about her.  After they answered it, they said something that really stuck with me.  “It’s just the way she’s built.  She’s a character like any other, and deserves to be treated that way; she is not her measurements.”  So I picked up Power Trip, which features Palmiotti and Conner’s work.


Holy Hera, I am so glad I picked this graphic novel up.  I had a blast reading it, and I fell in love with Power Girl as a lady and a superhero.  I think the best thing is, she is aware of her bust as much as anyone with a larger cup size is.  She knows when people will stare, and that everyone stares.  The best thing about it though?  She corrects them.


In Power Trip, we learn that Power Girl is not only from another planet, but also another universe.  Her parents sent her from Earth 2’s Krypton to Earth 1 and she thought she was Superman’s cousin (she is on Earth 2), but not here.  So the JLA stopped trusting her, and then Super Girl came along as Superman’s cousin from this ‘verse.  I think reading about her struggles with that (no thanks to Psycho Pirate) were so informative and interesting.  Plus the first part of the book explains the boob window.

She says that she was saving it for an “S” like Superman’s.  But when she found out she wasn’t his cousin, she didn’t have anything to put there, so she just left it blank.  It shows that she doesn’t feel whole here, and that broke my heart.  Seeing her struggle with fluctuating powers and disbelieving JLA members hurt me too.  Who hasn’t felt like an outcast at least once?  Now imagine that everyone thought you belonged, but later realized you didn’t…that’s hard to take.


The rest of the story deals with a fight with Ultra Humanite, and how things go wrong.  She defeats him, but his body gets burned by chemicals and PeeGee has to take him to the hospital in Arkham to get some help.  As she’s living her life with her friend Terra, while Ultra Humanite’s lady becomes hell bent on revenge.  She attempts her revenge, and you’ll have to read it to see how Power Girl reacts.

This book was so much more enjoyable than I expected.  I thought I was going to hate everything about Power Girl, but it’s quite the opposite.  She’s powerful and caring and jus fantastic in general.  I think everyone should read this book, male or female.  I think dudes could really benefit on seeing her reactions to men and her chest.  Her tolerance and intensity are amazing.  And ladies will enjoy relating to a busty heroine who isn’t dumb or unaware of her size.  Power Girl is just so great, I want everyone to love her the way I now do.





All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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