Black Narcissa by S. Dottie Schuda

Oh, Fangirls, I bought so many things at SPX earlier this month. I don’t think I saw one thing that didn’t catch my eye. The result, was a whole lot of great independent comics and art. Including a little book called Black Narcissa, by a lovely woman named S. Dottie Schuda. After chatting with her and learning about the book, I happily bought it. Boy, does this little book pack a punch. Not because it’s especially deep or intense, but because it’s just so damn badass.

Black Narcissa is an all female punk group, lead by Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. So, you can imagine that they’re pretty hardcore. The book opens introducing the members, and telling us a bit about there interesting and quirky selves. But it instantly becomes clear that a band featuring mysterious masks, amputees, and doll like women must have to rock harder than any other.

Since Persephone is summoned by feminism, the band’s songs focus on that, as we see in the comic. The story pretty much just shows them playing a show consisting of one song. But it’s fantastically showcased. Awesome shots of the ladies are shown, while a scroll of the feminist charged lyrics twirl around them. The illustration is unique and really fun to look at, and the lyrics are just as amazing. Words of being a fabulous, feminist queen, stomping all over foolish boys.
image_3I can only imagine what kind of brilliant riot grrrl punk slaying sound this band has. As I read it, I felt like a could hear the pounding drums & bass, the chugging guitar, and Persephone’s howling vocals. What I would give to hear this band. For now though, reading this comic is plenty of excitement for me.

The illustration is lovely, and the cover is to die for. It’s what first drew me into the book. It’s a white cover, covered in a thick purple paper that’s got cutouts of the laters & a space for the print of Persephone. I tried to get a picture of it’s beautiful, tactile goodness.

image_1The back cover, captures the whole essence of the book beautifully. It’s just as fantastic to look at as the front.
image_2This book was so much fun to read, it’s so interestingly illustrated, and fantastically put together. A round of applause for S. Dottie Schuda. I looked around as much as I could online to find the book, but I had no luck. However, Schuda has a website where you can find her stuff, a Twitter where you can keep up to date with her, and an awesome Etsy page where you can find all sorts of fabulous handmade goodies (like buttons & patches & dolls!).

So go love her, Fangirls, I know you will.

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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