Rat Queens Issue 8

Fangirls, it has been too long since a Rat Queens comic came out.  I guess since Wiebe, the author, just had a daughter with his wife, it’s alright that the wait was so long.  But let me tell you, it was worth it.


So we’re still waiting to find out about Nr’ygoth, but instead of jumping into that, Wiebe and Upchurch decided to give us a bit of history on Violet.  In the past couple issues we read a bit about Dee’s life pre-Rat Queens, and now about Violet, I really hope we’ll learn more about all of the Queens (Hannah especially, she is so rad).


So we learn that Violet was always strong, but never got to compete for her family’s honor at the annual games.  Instead, she was forced to parade about in the latest and greatest of armor, while men gawked at and mocked her.  The year this story focuses on, Violet stops taking shit from the dudes catcalling her, and beats one down really hard.  She then runs to her room and shaves her beard, saying “fuck tradition.”  Her mother comes in, and instead of berating her, she praises Violet, and helps her shave the rest of her beard off.



The issue ends with Violet groggily looking around, and Hannah screaming for her to not take her eyes off of her [Hannah].  Though I am hopeful for more background on Hannah and Betty, the ending makes me doubt that’ll happen; it looks like quite the fight is happening around them.


Fangirls, if you aren’t picking this comic up, you are missing out in the worst way.  I get so excited whenever it comes out, and can never wait to see what happens.  I’m in love with everything in it, front to back.  There are always two alternative covers, so you always have a choice.  This week’s cover is done by Tyler Jenkins, the artist behind Peter Panzerfaust, another of Wiebe’s Image comics (which you should also check out, holy crap).

This book is like nothing I’ve experienced.  It really has everything a girl could want in comics, and it’s so well written.  Plus it’s from Image, so the creators genuinely care about it, which is always so nice to see.  So go pick up the trade, and find out what you’ve been missing.  Until next time!




All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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