Sensation Comics: Wonder Woman 1

Fangirls, I was terrified that the Wonder Woman run with Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang was ending with issue 33.  It isn’t, it’s final issue (35) comes out next week, on the 15th, but there was a break with Wonder Woman’s Future’s End comic.  Another comic that ended up in my pull box, was Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman.  It’s the first of three, and I can’t say I was overly enthusiastic.


I went into this book thinking it was the new Gail Simone run, which really didn’t set me off in a good mood.  Issue 33 of the Azzarello / Chiang run didn’t give me an ending, and I was grumpy about that as well.  But I read it, albeit begrudgingly, and it wasn’t totally awful.

In the one comic, there are two short stories.  One where Oracle calls Wonder Woman to Gotham to take care of the criminals who are taking over.  We see familiar faces from Gotham; the Joker, Two-Face, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Man Bat, Mr Freeze, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn.  They’re doing nefarious things, but Oracle makes it out to be a big deal, but it seems kind of like a regular “lets band together to take over” day for them.  I understand that they don’t always work together, but it has happened before, and the Dark Knight took care of it.  So when Oracle mentioned bringing out the big guns, I was taken aback.

By “big guns,” of course she meant Wonder Woman.  Wonder Woman shows the villains the error of their ways, and according to the ending, some of them even gave up evil.  I find that too happy ending for Gotham, but that’s just how it goes I guess.

In the next mini-comic, she fights Circe, a sorceress.  She stops her, and it’s very basic.  The final part of the second comic, I really enjoyed, though.  A young boy is talking about how great Wonder Woman, and his playmates are mocking him for liking “girl stuff.”  Wonder Woman shows up and says that there is nothing wrong with liking girl stuff, and gives him a small piece of her lasso.  she says that if people mock him, to have them hold the lasso and ask them their opinion then.  Their answer will provide far more insight the second time.  She kisses his forehead and off she goes.


She’s rad, that Wonder Woman.  I love how much she cares about everyone around her, but I also appreciate how confident she is.  I think she’s a fantastic role model for girls and boys, because she really promotes equality.  This book was not my favorite, and I definitely don’t plan on reading the other two issues.  I’m ready for Azzarello’s final issue, and I’m so nervous about Simone taking over the new story.  We’ll see how it goes, eh Fangirls?




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