Appdicted: Tsum Tsum

If I just write “yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas” over and over again, you still won’t understand the severity of my love for this app.


Tsum Tsums are the cutest little plushie tubes of characters from some of the Disney movies.  There are classic characters and newer Disney & Pixar characters, but they’re all the cutest things on the planet.  This app is based around them.

There’s a little video when you start the app, that shows all of the Tsum Tsums playing in a Disney store after hours.  Mickey Mouse looks at the clock and realizes that they need to get back to their places, but they’re having some issues.  Your job is to get them back.

It’s a matching game, Fangirls.  You connect at least three Tsums, and they disappear back to their spots in the store.


You start with Mickey Mouse, of course, but as you play and gain coins, you can buy surprise boxes, which will give you a new character, or help level up one you already have.  The boxes cost 10,000 in game coins, but this app is so dang addicting that I have no trouble reaching it time and time again.


There are also daily missions that give you bonus coins when they’re completed.  The missions are simple and fun, like reach fever mode 20 times.  So you play as much as you can, and try to make fever mode happen, and when you’ve done it 20 times, you get coins!  Then you’re one step closer to your next Tsum Tsum.

Each “round” of play lasts one minute, unless you have a Tsum with a special ability to extend your time, like Piglet.  You only get five “lives,” but every fifteen minutes a life reappears.  It’s not a huge bother having to wait for more to pop up, because of the length of the rounds.

Each character has a different special ability.  If you’re playing as Tigger, then the way to fill up his special ability is to match a bunch of Tigger Tsums over and over.  They’ll fill up a gauge at the bottom, and once it’s full, you tap it.  Tigger’s tail will swipe out some random Tsums for you, and you can keep playing.  There is another gauge at the bottom, for Fever Mode.  Fever mode happens once you’ve matched enough Tsums.  In Fever Mode, you get more points and there is no limit for how many Tsums can be matched.


I like Disney apps, Fangirls.  I think they’re typically done well, and they’re intended for children to be able to play them.  They’re simple, but there are enough features to get adults interested.  I really enjoy Tsum Tsum because the Tsums are so adorable, and its an easy but fun game.  So check it out!




All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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