Cosplay of NYCC

Fangirls, I already told you how excited I am for New York Comic Con (which starts TOMORROW)!  But the one thing I’m most excited for, is cosplay.

The gent on the left was kind enough to take a picture with my Boba Fett Disney Bound.
The gent on the left was kind enough to take a picture with my Boba Fett Disney Bound.

First of all, there are people who get paid to make costumes and wear them to conventions because they’re that good at it.  And that blows me away.  There are more casual folks, who may sink some time into one main costume, but they aren’t obsessed, and there are also people who take it all very casually.  There are even a group of people who “Disney Bound,” or dress in normal clothing in the style of a character they love (this started as a tumblr by Leslie Kay and has become so much more than that).  Obviously all levels of cosplay are exciting: people are dressing up as superheroes and walking around.

So. Cool.

I consider myself to be a cosplayer, but on the very casual side of the spectrum.  The first con I ever went to was NYCC (not a good starter con, by the way), and I wore a DisneyBound of Boba Fett and a helmet of his I bought at Toys “R” Us.  The next year I went for three days, two of which I was in costume for (Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy).  I’ve had a lot of fun doing simple cosplays, and always really wanted to go all out for one, so I had a friend casually suggest that I cosplay the Bombshell Zatanna by Ant Lucia.  So I’ve been working on that.

I don't look this good, but I look pretty damn great in mine.  Be prepared for selfies on twitter Saturday.
I don’t look this good, but I look pretty damn great in mine. Be prepared for selfies on twitter Saturday.

Two days ago, I finished it.  Like I said, I consider myself to be very casual about all of this, so I have a couple hand made items that I will be wearing for NYCC, but the one thing I’ve spent the most time on is this Zatanna cosplay.  And when I tried it on, I realized how proud I was of it.  Everything except the hat and stockings on this costume was either hand made or modified visibly, and I’m quite excited about that.  I know hand making things isn’t a necessity when cosplaying, but it gives me a huge sense of pride in doing so.  So I’m really excited to be wearing it on Saturday.

This is me as the derpiest Poison Ivy ever.
This is me as the derpiest Poison Ivy ever.

Tomorrow, however, I will be wearing (quite possibly) the laziest hipster Wonder Woman Disney Bound ever.  I have a simple dress and a skirt for the other two days, and frankly, I dont know which order I’ll be wearing them in.  But cosplay isn’t done just by me.  It’s a huge part of the nerd community, and it seems to be growing.  That is why I’m excited to go to New York Comic Con.

People put in hard work for the comics they produce, or the merchandise they design, or the art they make.  But I find nothing better than seeing a bunch of nerds dressed as their favorite character, strutting their stuff.  People dump loads of time and money into their cosplays.  I find it so inspiring.  It’s difficult to make a dress, but there are people at conventions who can make corsets.  Just the thought of all of that work makes me want to take a nap.

But they do it anyways.  So if you’re going to NYCC, and you  see some cosplayers whose work you enjoy, let them know.  Don’t be a creepy perv, and don’t touch them, but you can tell people that their costume is amazing.  Because it’s nice to hear when hard work has paid off.  If you’re not sure what is okay and not, check out NYCC’s Harassment Policy, and always remember that cosplay is not consent.

If you aren’t going to NYCC because you’re too busy with businessy stuff, or you want to take part during the work week days, check out Paul Fredrick clothing.  They want to see comic characters come to life through their clothes.  So if you’ve got a classy character you want to try out, make a rad style board for them, and tweet it @PaulFredrick, they’re on the look out for new ideas (I suggest starting in their dress shirts).  Here is the one I made featuring one of my favorite comic dudes, Batman.


What are you wearing to New York Comic Con?




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