Villain Chat: Mandark

Fangirls, I’ve been re-watching a lot of Dexter’s Lab recently (and by “a lot,” I mean that I’ve re-watched all of it).


Mandark, Dexter’s nemesis, was born Sue, to parents who were unconcerned with gender / name stereotypes.  Sue grew up very frustrated with his parents’ hippie ideals, so he one day chopped off all of his hair and started calling himself Mandark.

Since Mandark was raised in an environment where he was unhappy, it doesn’t surprise me that he’s hell bent on destruction and ruling humanity.  He also hates Dexter because of his rivaling intelligence.


I like their rivalry a lot.  I enjoy seeing Mandark trying to break into Dexter’s Lab, but when he does, he tends to get distracted by Dee Dee, whom he has a gargantuan crush on.  Both he and Dexter are in Middle School, I believe, so they’re dynamic is fun and goofy.

I’ve seen a lot of people suggesting that Mandark grows up to be Mr Crocker from the Fairly Odd Parents, and I can totally see that.  Both of them are grumpy and want to crush a somebody else.  Crocker wants to rule the world with Fairies, Mandark wants to do it with science.  what if one day, Mandark realized that his science would never challenge Dexter’s?  Then he let that drive him insane, and focused his skills on conspiracy theories, mainly one about Fairies being assigned to children with crappy home lives.  I can see it happening.

I love Dexter’s Lab, Fangirls.  It hasn’t been on since I was much younger, so seeing the 2 seasons that Netflix has made me really excited and happy.  If you haven’t watched it,, you should probably go do that immediately.  The episode with Mandark’s backstory in detail is titled “A Boy Called Sue,” and is hilarious.  Plus, lasttimel0rd, one of our other writers here, is cosplaying Dexter next year.  You really need to check out the show so you can make references at him if you see him.  I’m sure he’d appreciate it.



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